The coolest grandma-grandson bond… Tap below to learn more about the amazing duo…

Ninety-five-year-old Pauline Kana and her grandson Ross Smith have a connection unlike any other.

Pauline ‘Granny’ Kana, who is 95 years old, is living a life that is more colorful than the most of people half her age.

She’s a humorous social media personality who can be found dropping ‘f’ bombs, shooting weapons, reviewing the latest gadgets, and posing in matching clothes with her grandson Ross Smith on his social media pages.

On social media she is famos like a ‘Gangster Granny.’

Smith became a Vine star when he was a college student at the University of Dayton roughly five years ago.

He went viral after posting a video asking his grandmother to block one of his basketball shots.
Smith told CNBC, ‘Our humor is timeless.’
‘Everyone knows Granny is a brilliant old lady.’

‘It’s very rare for us to see a grandmother and grandson grow close and have fun with each other like BFFs. It’s this cross-generational BFF relationship that makes them so special,’ said 9GAG’s head of sales and business development.
She also enjoys collaborating with her grandchildren.

She described him as ‘easygoing and happy-go-lucky. He likes to try everything, always tends to work well.’

The grandmother and grandson duo is working on a TV show to raise money for Alzheimer’s research.

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