When a little girl in red pants takes the stage from a skilled Irish dancer, the audience gathers around her…

It is usually entertaining for travelers to see street performers when strolling through the streets of a new city. Street performers often help tourists in understanding the history of the people and nation that they are visiting. The sight of Irish dancers dancing on the streets of Galway, Ireland, is always a delight while walking around the city. Emma O’Sullivan, the All-Ireland Champion, is one of those performers.

Emma O’Sullivan was born and raised in Connemara, Ireland, which is a region that falls under the jurisdiction of the county of Galway. Emma has traveled the world to perform traditional Irish dances to traditional Irish music. Sean-nós is the sort of Irish dance that she performs, and she is referred to as the “Queen of Sean-nós” in Ireland because of her great achievements. A resume like Emma’s has not prevented her from continuing to perform on the streets of Galway for visitors and locals.

Emma is always able to draw a large audience of visitors and locals to her street performances, where they may admire her wonderful dance. Even though a member of the crowd grabbed the show away from Emma during one of these performances, Emma appeared to accept the situation. The reason for this is because the sweetest young girl who wanted to dance like Emma was the one who stole the show!

The concert took place on Shop Street in the Irish city of Galway. Emma chose to share her “stage” with the prettiest little dancer when she noticed she was dancing alongside her. Emma has pointed out the tiny dancer to her own cameraman, who will be able to capture the sweetness on video! Afterwards, Emma danced over to the small child, encouraging her to continue.

The tiny child keeps a close eye on Emma’s feet as she attempts to imitate every movement. It seems that after she has become comfortable with her feet, she moves on to the hands and arms! When the rest of the audience notices that Emma has begun dancing for the little girl, they all begin to pay attention to her as well. At such a young age, she is already attracting attention for her dancing performances!

The young girl glances towards her family in order to demonstrate her techniques, and as soon as she sees their pleased expressions, the game is on! Eventually, she will come near enough to Emma O’Sullivan to dance with her. Emma and the rest in the audience are just as enthralled as the child. In fact, several of the mobile phones and cameras from the crowd had their cameras fixed on the baby girl.

At the conclusion of the performance, the audience broke in thunderous applause! Not only did the audience applaud Emma O’Sullivan, but they also applauded the little kid. Even Emma joins in the applause for the tiny kid, who seems to be too young to comprehend what is going on! The young girl takes a few steps back and begins to offer little claps as she does. Bravo!

Watch the video below:

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