A farmer in Georgia discovers a massive 700-pound alligator in a ditch… What happens next is heartbreaking…

This is really OUTSTANDINGLY huge.
Earlier this year, a farmer in Georgia made an incredible discovery: a big alligator weighing around 700 lbs had been discovered.

According to CBS, a photo of the giant alligator began making its way around the internet, with many people assuming it was a fake to begin with. Mr. Brent Howze, a Wildlife Biologist employed by the Wildlife Resources Division of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, has certified to the outlet that the photograph was, in fact, real.

According to Howze, the farmer contacted him when he discovered the alligator in an irrigation ditch and asked for help. He states that when he arrived at the site with his colleagues Graham Rhone and Owen Jenkins, he expected the thing to be between 10 and 11 feet in length, but he was completely taken aback.

The alligator proved out to be a massive 13-14 feet long and weighed an estimated 700 pounds when measured.

According to reports, the alligator became stranded in Lake Blackshear on the Flint River in Georgia. Howze calculated that the alligator had been locked there for around a week, which he characterizes as ‘very rare behavior’.

In an interview with CBS, Howze said, ‘We have collected quite a few alligators, but none this enormous. Because of its size and power, it was a bit intimidating at first, but I work with an incredibly skilled group of people, and we were sure that we could handle the problem.’

However, despite the fact that the alligator was successfully removed, the crew was had to put him down owing to his failing health. Gator was in bad condition and had had several injuries, including gunshot wounds from years ago, according to Sarah Hanson, a representative for the Department of National Resources in Georgia, who talked to USA Today about the incident.

She also noted that this gator was not the biggest to have been sighted in the region, but it was the largest she had seen. A 14-foot-and-1-inch alligator was discovered in 2015. Normally, alligators of this size are quite unusual, but in the wild, these gators may grow to be up to 16 feet long! But how exactly can these creatures develop to such enormous proportions?

I’m curious as to what you think of this enormous alligator. What would you do if you came face to face with one?

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