VIDEO: Four single moms move into a single house in order to save money and share their parenting duties…

You’ve probably heard the expression, ‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ And why not create a village if you don’t have access to one in the near area?

Friends Holly Harper and Herrin Hopper have long spoken of purchasing a property in Vermont, moving there with their children, and inviting their spouses to come visit them once in a while. But their plans have never realized.
What started off as a joke turned out to be somewhat of a reality in its own right.

After both divorced, they considered moving in together, particularly given the pandemic’s uncertainty.

All the changes in her life were difficult for Harper to manage. She had recently divorced, was 40, and her father died in early 2020. That was when she felt powerless.
‘It seemed like my life was being burned to the ground,’ she said. ‘I could look Herrin in the eyes and say, ‘I absolutely have nothing left. Let’s simply get this done.”

Once the women and their children were settled into their new Maryland home, they decided to make the basement available for rent, which is how another single mother, Leandra, came to join their group.
In the meantime, Jen, Herrin and Holly’s mutual friend, moved in with them. And with that, their home was complete.

‘Every day there is almost like having a spiritual safety net,’ Hopper said to TODAY. There are times when I can be my worst self, and there are other when I can be my finest self, and they accept me for who I am.’

The moms have a lot on their plates, yet they never feel intimidated because they have those around who are eager to listen and provide support.

Meanwhile, each of them has the flexibility to go out without having to worry about the kids since there is always someone in the building to watch after them. And this is both great and quite relieving to hear.

The solution they have come up with is also beneficial for the children since they have other children to play with.

‘There’s always someone to hang out with and play games with,’ Harper said. ‘It’s simply the most enjoyable experience.’

Indeed, the kids had come to feel nearly like relatives by this point. In addition, this is really stunning on so many levels.

What about the way they arrange their lives as a family? They get together on a regular basis to discuss matters such as roof repair and yard maintenance bills, which they normally do while sipping on a champagne toast.

They’ve even given their home a name of their own. It’s referred to as the ‘Siren House.’
Indeed, they have brought people together, and they want to bring even more together by extending the idea of their co-housing arrangement to other parents who are out there in the community.

In the video below, the moms discuss their unusual and brilliant living arrangement. Watch it and please SHARE this unusual story with your friends on Fcebook.

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