When a bus driver sees a kid and a baby wandering down the street alone, her heart sinks and she knew immediately that something is wrong…

There was no adult in sight as the five-year-old was holding the baby’s hand as they walked down the street. A flash of insight flashed over Jeannie’s face.

When driving, it’s critical to keep your eyes alert for any danger. One bus driver, on the other hand, went above and beyond when she noticed something on the sidewalk that felt wrong.

Jeannie Mitchell is employed by the Milwaukee County Transit System in the wonderful state of Wisconsin. She just happened to be at the right place at the right time, and she didn’t waste the chance to do a wonderful act of kindness for someone else.

She is a kind and compassionate bus driver.

It’s natural to believe that you’ve seen everything when you’ve been in and around town several times over a long period of time.

Jeannie was driving her usual route one day when she exchanged words with a passenger. When she saw two little children going down the sidewalk with no adult in sight, her joy quickly changed to worry for their safety.

Two tiny children – ages five and one – were going down the sidewalk at the time. Jeannie could see by the looks of things that the two children were scared, and it was at this point that her motherly instincts kicked in, and she realized she needed to do something quickly to save them.

Jeannie quickly came to a complete stop and opened the bus doors to cry out to the children, asking them the following question:

‘Sweetie, where are you going? Can I ask who you’re with?’

The children’s deafening silence prompted Jeannie to move closer to them and reassure them that she was not a threat, nor even a “stranger,” with whom they were not typically allowed to speak in public. She questioned them about what had happened and how they had ended themselves in this situation.

In order to reassure the children that she was someone they could trust, the extremely caring bus driver carried the two darlings inside the bus in order to keep them safe and warm.

During that moment, Jeannie immediately phoned the police to report what had happened so that they could investigate further. They learned that the children had wandered away from their babysitter for an unknown reason.

The children, or at least the older one, were aware that a relative lived close, and while they were making their way over there, they were disoriented and ended up becoming lost.

Fortunately, the police were able to reach the children’s mother, who arrived at the scene to reunite with her children. Jeannie expressed her relief to FOX 6 by saying:

‘If the parent hadn’t shown up, I would have been left wondering, ‘What happened to those children?’ ‘However, after the police got involved and fulfilled their duties, I felt a great deal better.’

Fortunately, she happened to be at the right place at the right moment. But, maybe more crucially, she didn’t hesitate to pull over and help the children.

If it hadn’t been for this incredible bus driver, the outcome of this story might be quite different.

Watch the video below:

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