What a four-year-old boy tells his mother before passing away will break your heart…

When Nolan was three years old, he was diagnosed with cancer.

Nolan’s mother and he had a special relationship that lasted only three years. Nolan was imprisoned in a hospital battling for his life when other three year olds were playing around, building towers, and reading bedtime stories. Despite his age, Nolan was fighting strongly.

When Nolan was three years old, he was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma. According to the American Cancer Society, this cancer is a sarcoma that destroys soft tissue in the body. It usually begins with pain in the muscles that links to the bones and allow the body to move properly. Nolan began intensive therapy as quick as he was diagnosed with cancer. Countless doctor’s visits, various tests, sleepless nights, hard treatment, and avoiding outside contact for fear of catching a new sickness were all part of his journey.

For over a year, Nolan kept fighting for his life. The small kid became too ill to drink or eat after a while. He was unable to stop vomiting. Ruth Scully, Nolan’s mother, was  knew  that something was deeply wrong with him.
Nolan’s parents heard the news they had been dreading for the past year during a consultation with the oncologist. The disease had migrated to Nolan’s bronchial tubes, triggering breathing problems, only a week after he had open chest surgery.

The disease had progressed to the point that it could no longer be treated, and decisions had to be made. Ruth composed herself and entered the room to speak with her son about it. Nolan didn’t have much time to live. Ruth didn’t know how to say the news to her son. Ruth began by talking about Nolan’s feelings. He told his mother that he was in horrible pain. Ruth comforted her son that he did not have to battle anymore.  Nolan was suprised by her words, but calmed his mother that he would fight back for her. When his mother asked if he was fighting for her, Nolan responded with a resounding “Duh!”

Ruth told her son that she couldn’t protect him any longer. Ruth told Nolan, “The only way I can keep you safe is in Heaven,” as she later described in a social media post. Nolan’s response was, “So I’m going to Heaven and playing till you arrive! Are you sure you’ll come?” Ruth promised her son that she would be there and will  visit him.

Ruth and Jonathan, Nolan’s parents, started a Facebook page to document their son’s  journey. This page was also used to keep family members informed on Nolan’s condition. Ruth wrote a powerful tribute to her son Nolan a few months after he died. Her words affected numerous people all across the world, and the post went viral.

“It’s been two months. I haven’t held you in my arms in two months, heard how much you love me, or kissed those sweetie ‘pie’ lips. We haven’t cuddled in two months. It’s been two months of hell. Ruth wrote about her last few hours with her son in the post. They sat in bed together, imagining Nolan’s memorial. He picked his pallbearers, detailed what he wanted people to wear, and selected presents to be left for his loved ones. Nolan also asked to be remembered as a police officer when he died. Ruth shared how her son gifted her in a beautiful way in the final moments of Nolan’s life. Nolan’s mother had been warned that she couldn’t leave him, but Ruth was desperate for a shower.

Ruth was able to hop in the shower for a few minutes after Nolan’s uncle entered the room. Nolan closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep. Ruth was heartbroken when she returned from the bathroom.
Ruth said that she is now afraid to shower as a result of the incidence. Where her loving son used to wait for his Mommy, there is now only an empty rug.

Nolan was a fighter and a warrior,  anyone who has read his story knows that. He finally lived up to his desire of becoming a policeman.

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