Meet the sweetest 2-year-old toddler with Einstein’s IQ… Tap here to learn more about her…

Kashe Quest, a two-year-old from Los Angeles, California, has been accepted into Mensa. It is the largest and oldest high-IQ society in the world.

The IQ of this youngster is 146. In example, the average IQ in the United States is 100. As a result, Kashe became the newest member of American Mensa.

Kashe’s mother, Sukhjit Athwal, was the first one to notice her child’s extraordinary memory. Kashe was always interested in learning, and by the time she was 17 or 18 months old, she already knew all numbers, colors, forms, and the full alphabet.

“She’ll wake up on a Saturday and say, ‘I want to do elements,’ or ‘I want to do states,’ so we’re just there to support her,” her father, Devon Quest, added.

During Kashe’s 18-month check, her pediatrician realized how unique she was.
In sign language, this two-year-old knows almost 50 signs. She can also recognize all 50 states simply by looking at their shape and position on a map. She can also count to a hundred  easily. Kashe can identify elements on the periodic table by their symbols, which is the biggest  part.

Kashe started reading when she was a year and a half old and can now read complete phrases.
Kashe is still a baby, despite all of this.

“At the end of the day, she is still a toddler.” So she’s still a typical two-year-old, with screams, disagreements, and everything else, but it’s different because the way we communicate with her has to be different because she can understand just a little bit more,” Sukhjit explained.

Sukhjit’s education and development background allows her to adapt and comprehend her child’s experience, so she can turn Kashe’s study to her passions and interests.
“That is what we doing , keeping her interests and curiosity in mind… “It depends on the day whether it’s ‘Paw Patrol,’ ‘Frozen,’ or something else,” she explained.

She’s also studying Spanish at the moment. Kashe also seems to be interested in learning other languages.

“Kashe is a fantastic addition to American Mensa.” “We are honored to have her and to be allow to assist her and her parents in facing the special challenges that talented children face,” he said.

To be admitted to Mensa, a person need to score at least 132 on the Stanford–Binetare IQ test. That putting you in the top 2% of the general population.

Now American Mensa has a membership of almost 50,000 people from all areas of life. From the ages of 2 to 102, there are housewives, technicians, educators, musicians, journalists, and many others.

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