Simon Cowell STOPS 10 year-old Indian girl mid-performance …. What happened next will impress you

Even though talent can be developed and trained, there are some youngsters who are simply gifted, as demonstrated by a ten-year-old girl in this Britain’s Got Talent audition.

Souparnika Nair, a little girl, has always wished to perform on huge stages, and she had her eyes set on the famous and well-known BGT.

She’s wearing a flowery outfit and having a purple flower around her right ear, and it didn’t take long for the judges and audience to fall in love with her before she would sing.
Everyone in the crowd was charmed by her beauty and highly anticipated her performance.

You could see that she was nervous at first, but it changed as soon as she started singing.
The audition did not go according to plan. Souparnika chose Judy Garland’s “The Trolley Song,” which was made famous in the 1944 film “Meet Me in St.

Louis.” The audience was clearly entertained with the act, but then something unusual happened on the show.

Simon Cowell interrupted her performance in the midst, which he does often. He expressed his want to watch her do anything other than the song she had chosen.

He also told a joke that the audience laughed at: he said the song reminded him of Judge David if he ever releases a single.

Even yet, having your audition interrupted by possibly the most important judge of them all can be nerve-wracking, but Souparnika stayed calm and cool through it all.

She listened to what Simon had to say, and when he suggested that she perform “Never Enough” instead, she taken the opportunity.

Simon thought the song, which we all know from the popular hit film ‘The Greatest Showman,’ would be a better fit for the girl’s voice.
Because he is not often wrong about things like this, Souparnika really wowed everyone.

She nailed her audition by singing flawlessly a song she hadn’t even practiced. The second round was a huge success!

Souparnika makes it appear so simple and effortless, yet you can tell she’s giving it her all.
Even the song’s tough higher notes are no problem for this gifted little girl.

Check out the beautifull performance

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