For a days, the newborn baby couldn’t sleep and cried nonstop because of his grandmother’s gift.The all details about this mysterious story below

Kylie and Kevin were married couple who couldn’t understand why their baby wouldn’t sleep in his bed. When they set him down, he screamed, and when others held him, he grumbled. Kevin checked the crib and found an amulet that his mother had placed there. T he she  explained why.

When Kylie became pregnant at the age of 18, everyone advised her to abort the child because she was too young. Diane, her mother, claimed that having the child would destroy her life. Kevin, her boyfriend, stated he would respect her decision.

Even though he was just 20, they chose to marry and have a baby. A few months later the child was born.. They gave him the name George and moved in with Kevin’s mother in Jacksonville, Florida. Mrs. Simpson was wonderful and always provided help with the newborn.

But Kylie had no idea how exhausting her mother would be. She informed Mrs. Simpson one morning after holding George all night, ‘No one ever tells you that the baby would not sleep a wink in the first months.’ He cried throughout the day, and Kylie did not know what to do.

‘Oh, sweetie’  I honestly have no idea what’s going on. He should be sleeping for at least a few hours. Mrs. Simpson added, ‘Kevin was not like this when he was a newborn, and I was a single mother.’ ‘Just in case, we should take him to the doctor.’

George’s family doctor couldn’t figure out why he wasn’t sleeping. She explained that it could be a phase that some newborns go through. Mrs. Simpson tried to control George, but he had grown accustomed to sleeping in Kylie’s arms and found it impossible to sleep with anybody else.

Kevin was a caring husband who worked two jobs and attended school full-time in order to create better life for himself and for his family. Kylie was unemployed and had decided to wait until George was older to attend college. It was a difficult scenario for everyone who  involved.

‘All right, I’ll simply let him cry himself to sleep.’ ‘I read on the internet that some parents do it, and the baby grows used to it,’ Kylie said Kevin one evening.

‘It appears to be a good plan. He’s healthy, according to the doctor. Kevin responded, ‘Perhaps he’s simply picky, and we need to be harder with him.’ They left the baby, but hearing him cry in the next room found it tough to sleep.

‘I’m simply going to sit with him, honey.» As she climbed out of bed, Kylie whispered, «I feel so sorry for you and your mother.’
‘Kylie, are you sure?’ Kevin said softly, ‘We had a plan.’

‘Yes. We’ll work something else out later. Kylie reasoned, «You need to sleep, and your mother, at her age, doesn’t deserve this disturbance,’ and proceeded to the nursery. Mrs. Simpson was attempting to comfort George, but he was still crying.

‘I apologize, sweetie. I’m not doing much to help him’. Mrs. Simpson consoled him and handed the baby across to her. Kylie sat down in the rocking chair with George and stayed there all night.

Kylie was tired the next day, but she refused to let go George because he had finally slept for more than three hours in her arms. Kevin, feeling powerless, proceeded to examine the crib. They got it from a shop, but their son may have been uncomfortable on the mattress.

But something dropped out when he shook the tiny bed to check it. Kevin lowered his head and spotted a strange amulet. Although it resembled a dream catcher, it was little and had a few fake gemstones. He asked his wife, ‘Kylie, why did you put this thing on George’s mattress?’

‘What? That’s something I’ve never seen before. Was it in his crib? From her seat on the living room couch, Kylie responded. Mrs. Simpson then approached them and spotted Kevin holding the amulet.
‘Why did you pulled the amulet away?’ Mrs. Simpson questioned loudly, I buy that just for George?’
‘What? What did you put in his crib?’ Kevin wondered.

‘Yeah. Why? Is something wrong with it?  ‘I figured it’d catch his dreams and put him to sleep,’ the elderly woman added.
‘How long have you had it? ‘Did you put it in his crib just now?’ Kevin continued.

‘No, I got it on the same day you got that crib.’ It had been there since he was born. ‘You’ve never seen it?’ Mrs. Simpson was curious.

Kevin explained, ‘Mom, I suppose this thing has been pushing into his back, and that’s why he can’t sleep.’ With George in her arms, Kylie stood up and analyzed the amulet.
‘Oh my goodness. That’s not possible. ‘I’m very sorry, guys,’ said the older woman.

‘Let’s try putting George in his cot right now,’ Kylie said quietly as she carried the newborn to his room. George miraculously slept for a few more hours before being fed again. The entire family was overjoyed.

‘Now that George can sleep comfortably, he’s eating better. Mrs. Simpson remarked, ‘I assume this little man is like the princess who couldn’t sleep because she felt a pea on her mattress.’

‘Mom, I believe the diamonds were poking him.’ Kevin laughed, ‘It’s not like he’s that sensitive.’ Kylie grinned since she had finally been able to nap and shower that day. After then, anyone could hold George without too much trouble.

Because it was still a thoughtful gesture from his grandma, they chose to hang the dream catcher on the crib’s wall. They didn’t want it too close, though, in case George wanted to eat it.
‘Don’t be concerned, little fellow. You’ll be able to sleep, and this amulet will keep any bad dreams at bay,’ Kylie cooed happily.

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