Gang of bikers approaches the lemonade stand of the nurse’s 8-years-old daughter.The situation takes an unexpected turn

This ‘tough-looking’ biker gang was identified by the mother, who understood they had come particularly for her and her daughter.

Nurses are one of the world’s toughest and most persistent persons. They witness and dealing with a lot, and they aid others in ways that most people cannot understand.

Just like Daryn Sturch, an Indiana nurse who was driving on State Road 19 near Denver in September 2018 when she noticed a motorbike incident.

‘I’m a nurse, and I saw a lot of motorcycles,’ Sturch told WRTV. ‘I told my daughter I needed assistance and hurried up to aid.’

That was a major crash, and some of the riders were airlifted—fortunately, they all lived. Sturch understood the importance of providing assistance as soon as possible, as many fatal traffic accidents are linked to delayed post-crash assistance.

Indeed, several of the riders were in such bad shape that she wasn’t sure whether they’d make it. Thankfully, they all survived, but the story’s hopeful message does not end there.

Sturch never got the chance to meet the crash victims she helped that day after they were hospitalized, but she never forgot about them. The motorcyclists, for their part, never ceased thinking of her and thanking her for saving their lives.

When Daryn shared a video of her daughter’s lemonade stand the following year, the Milwaukee Iron biker club in Kokomo, Indiana, believed it was the perfect opportunity to visit their miracle nurse once more.

On that Saturday, Sturch’s 8-year-old daughter was selling lemonade to passers-by at her lemonade stand. A group of motorcycles appeared out of nowhere and were soon parked close, with their occupants approaching the lemonade stand.

When the bikers pass by the stand, the girl waves at them, and the motorcyclists wave back.
The Milwaukee Iron motorcyclists eventually walk up to Bryanne’s lemonade stand.

The little girl waves from her stand.While the others wait in line, the little girl serves each of them.Bryanne’s mother shared a video and photographs from the reunion on Facebook, and she couldn’t hide her pride in her daughter or the emotion she felt seeing everyone again.

‘Thank you Milwaukee Iron for making Bryanne’s day by dropping by her lemonade stand.’

The reunion was quite emotional, and the hugs were as close as ever. The bikers thanked Sturch for saving their life, while the nurse and mother thanked him for his kindness.
‘Seeing how amazing, caring, loyal, and kind these people are brings me so much delight.’ They’ve assisted me more than I’ve assisted them. They just aren’t know of it.’

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