The cover of this famous song by the Irish group will give you goosebumps

Christmas may have passed you by, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the remaining days of the holiday season. This means you may still go around spreading joy and kindness while ringing in the New Year with calming music.

In fact, even something as basic as a hymn, such as my personal favorite, ‘Amazing Grace,’ can bring calm and joy. And if singing is your thing, you’ll adore Celtic Thunder’s version of this sweet and delightful poetry.

But, before we get into the song itself, let’s take a look back at how this relaxing musical treasure came to be and who the Celtic Thunder ensemble is.
The Origin of ‘Amazing Grace’.

One of the most beautiful Christian hymns you’ll ever hear is ‘Amazing Grace.’ The song was published in 1779, but the words were penned by an angelical preacher and English poet John Newton seven years earlier, in 1772.

If you were informed that one of the most beautiful Christmas songs in Christian history was written by a former slave trader named John Newton, you would laugh it off or ignore it as absurd.

But, believe it or not, while growing up, English poet and angelical preacher John Newton had no religious dreams and reasons. A series of coincidences and twists in his life led him to the road of holiness.

The most traumatic of his encounters involved the Atlantic slave trade, where he prayed God for rescue and mercy after his vessel was severely destroyed somewhere in Ireland. This is what eventually led to his spiritual conversion and subsequent study of Christianity.

He then began writing hymns alongside poet William Cowper in 1764. Newton illustrated the sermon known as ‘Amazing Grace’ on New Year’s Day in 1773. In 1779, it was published for the first time.

The music of the hymn to «New Britain» was arranged in the shape-note format by American composer William Walker, which is the most commonly sung version today.

Celtic Thunder: Who Are They?

Celtic Thunder is an Irish traditional musical and singing group that began in 2007. They’re also a stage show with a theatrical and varied aesthetic. Their live performances typically feature intricate choreography, amazing visual effects, and dramatic set pieces.

They also don’t miss with their stunning rendition of ‘
‘Amazing Grace.’ Each of their voices is a force to be reckoned with on its own, but when combined, they produce a sound of their own, which is what has made them so popular and well-liked.

Cover of ‘Amazing Grace’ by Celtic Thunder

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