The wild fox comes to enjoy banjo music every day.

Leftover Salmon banjoist Andy Thorn met his biggest fan in his own garden.

He and his family live in Boulder Foothills, Colorado, where he regularly performs his music. This is where he tests out tunes for any musical ideas he has, and it is here that he met his loyal followers.

But his biggest fan is fox named Foxy!!

Andy explained that he had been playing music in their yard, which had brought a large number of animals. Nothing could compare to this quick fox he later named Foxy, from rabbits to turkeys.

Andy was out on their balcony playing music when he spotted this fox attracted to this.

He was first wary because he knew a fox could attack or harm him at any moment, but he soon learned that he was merely interested in listening to his music. Foxy would pull over to the side of the road, take a seat, and relax as if he were at a private performance.

Andy experimented with various instruments at that time.

He experimented on the guitar, banjo, and fiddle without any particular song in mind. He just played tunes and tried to figure out what worked for some new music.

The banjo was Foxy’s favorite of all the instruments.He also developed a liking for Andy’s preferred method of playing his chosen instrument.

‘He reminded me to keep things simple.’ I usually play the banjo with picks, which makes it a little more showy. He would either run away or show little interest. I was playing clawhammer one day, which is a simpler technique, and I could tell he was more into it.»

Foxy informed Andy that foxes, like humans, have a good sense of music.

He could often bring his sister, mother, and even other members of the family to hear Andy play. That was his way of expressing his love for music. Andy said he kept his distance from Foxy’s other family members since he was aware that not all foxes were the same.

Foxy shown his passion as a fan by coming despite the weather.

Even on snowy days, he showed up. We guess the cold didn’t affect him in the first place! When Andy played music, he would still walk over to Andy’s terrace and sit down to listen.

Andy introduced Foxy to his son after his wife gave birth.

He made sure his son was far enough away from the foxes to be safe, yet close enough to identify each other. When his toddler looked out the window, he became overly delighted every time he saw Foxy.

Andy stated that they are fortunate to be where they are currently because the area has so much to offer.

He and his family could enjoy the wonderful view regardless of the water level, and they were surrounded by nature. Most importantly, he considered himself fortunate to have had the opportunity to interact with other living beings, particularly his dearest and biggest fan, Foxy.

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