South Korean anime helped 3-years-old toddler to save his mother’s life. Click below to find out how….

When a baby in the United Kingdom noticed his mother fall, he reacted in an unexpected way. He was able to seek aid, and his outstanding understanding came from a surprising place.

Parents usually criticize their toddlers for how much time they spend in front of the television or watching videos on the internet. Although children are told that they are wasting their time, there are a few notable exceptions.

When a three-year-old was home alone with his mother and she fell down, his screen time came in useful. He knew exactly what to do to aid her and get help thanks to something he saw on a YouTube animation.  video. Read their motivational tale!

His mother fall down to the ground
Kayleigh Boffey took a dangerous tumble while going upstairs to get her son a new pair of clothes, landing on the ground and injuring her head.

Her three-year-old son was the only one who could aid her because she was unconscious. The mother explicated:’ I remember closing the stair gate, and the next thing I know, I’m on the phone with someone, and the officers are in the house.’

Despite his young age, the kid had excellent behavior. He enjoyed watching Robocar Poli, a YouTube series about a fire engine, ambulance, and police car that responds to emergencies, but he had no idea how much it would assist him.

Thomas Boffey learned a few essential skills from the South Korean anime series that most children are uninformed of. Instead of screaming out in fear or freezing in shock, he got a phone and contacted with 999 (the British version of 911).

The three-year-old explained what had happened to emergency operator Morgane Amphlett, telling her that his ‘mother fell upstairs.’ While help was on the way, Amphlett told the boy to clutch his mother’s hand and speak to her.

While waiting for the ambulance, the mother, who had recovered consciousness, was in pain and unable to move. Before locating their house key, her heroic son managed to go through his childproof baby gate.

Thomas was able to open the door for emergency personnel to attend to his mother as soon as possible. Kayleigh was proud of her son and thankful that he had gotten her the aid she needed.

In the hospital, she was treated for injuries to her hip, shoulder, knee, and ankle. Her fall was caused by pain from an enlarged spleen and a hernia.
Fortunately, the mother’s condition was improving. She said,’

‘He’s like a small superhero, and it’s really incredible how he knew what to do and didn’t become afraid, especially for his age.’

The little hero came to the rescue and showed other parents a valuable lesson. Kayleigh gave the West Midlands Police permission to share the audio clip of Thomas and Amphlett’s conversation.

While the youngster was first confused, his quick actions and ability to contact emergency personnel were crucial. Kayleigh hoped that by sharing her experience, parents would understand the necessity of training children how to respond to emergencies.

She mentioned.
‘I want others to know what my son did and the importance of teaching children what to do in an emergency.’

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