The emotional dialogue of newborn baby and mommy will fill your eyes with tears

It’s a big deal to have a baby in the house, especially if it’s a newborn! They’re noisy, untidy, tired, and fragile, and you know who’s responsible for all of that? You! Despite the challenges that come with having a baby, no responsible parent would ever regret it.

A parent can’t help but adore their children’s with all they heart.

Those babies, though, will inevitably grow up. It isn’t quick, yet it occurs regardless of your wishes. Thankfully, there can be pleasure in the maturation process. Any parent knows how much fun it is to track their child’s developmental phases and track their progress!

‘Your baby hasn’t started gurgling yet?’ ‘It was two months for me.’ While we may not take joy in our baby’s achievements, we can’t help but experience a sense of accomplishment when we reach a new one! Achieving a goal ahead of schedule is usually cause for celebration! And, hey, what’s a little parenting competition without some friendly competition?

Bentley, a four-week-old baby, had just woken up, and his parents decided to get some good baby footage of him. He’s adorable, so we can’t blame them! However, they had not anticipated capturing something spectacular on film.His mother begins to make baby noises while they videotape him.

Making baby noises and ‘baby talk’ is an important part of the process for anyone, regardless of age. Bentley’s mother begins to do just that, and the baby’s reaction is incredible!

Bentley is only a month old, remember!
Bentley meows while she’s making noises, then copies her vocal tone with his own!
It’s cute and deserving of all the attention it’s received. It has over 1.5 million views right now!
When should babies begin to speak?

Was Bentley  talking? Most likely not, but he sounded like he knew exactly what he was doing! What happens at the 3-month talking milestone, according to WebMD:

At 3 months, your baby listens to your voice, monitors your face as you speak, and turns his or her attention to other voices, sounds, and music in the house. Many babies prefer the voice of a woman over that of a man. Many people also like the voices and music they heard when in the womb. By the third month, newborns are ‘cooing,’ which is a pleasant, mild, repeating sing-song vocalization.

Bentley seemed to have started ‘cooing’ far earlier than he should have. Perhaps he will grow up to do something amazing!

The 3-year milestone is WebMD’s final stage of dialogue.

By the age of three, your child’s vocabulary has grown significantly, and ‘make-believe’ play has aided in the understanding of symbolic and abstract words such as ‘now,’ feelings such as ‘sad,’ and spatial notions such as ‘in.’
Bentley is already six years old, which is incredible! It’s amusing to consider in theory, but our children grow up so quickly.

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