Woman denies accepting the little girl as her daughter until her own dad’s secret kept for 42 years revealed

Cindy was happily married to Jack, with whom she had a six-year-old son named Michael. Jeni, Michael’s younger sister, was born one year and six months later.

Through the years, it was clear that Cindy would always prioritize Michael. When he arrived home from school, Jeni would let him play video games while she took care of household duties like washing the dishes and arranging the clothes.

Jeni had no idea why her mother treated her so differently, but she accepted it. She reasoned that it might be because she was a woman, and in a conventional context, women were expected to take care of their homes.

However, other people began to notice the difference in Cindy’s care of her two children. Jeni was not allowed to attend Cindy’s father’s birthday party until all of the duties were completed.

The party was in full swing while Jeni watered the flowers in her room. Cindy presented her father with a nicely framed photo collage of her childhood photos. ‘Dad, I adore you. I admire your dedication and consider myself fortunate to be your daughter ‘She hugged him one again.

Cindy hugged her father, posed while walking, and skateboarded in the photos. They were old photographs as well as new photographs she had printed at the photo store.Meanwhile, Jack was worried about his daughter Jeni and wanted to visit her. ‘Are you doing okay in here, sweetheart?’ he questioned.

Jeni nodded, indicating that she had completed all of Cindy’s responsibilities. Jack was sorry that her daughter had to make housework during the party, but he chose to remain silent about it.

Instead, he took her hand and led her to the party, where she hugged and gave a flower to her grandfather. Cindy noticed this and became enraged when she realized the young girl had picked a flower from one of the pots she’d just watered. She chose not to say anything because they had visitors in their home.

Cindy offered Jeni a piece of cake when she realized how many people were watching. She sliced off a large piece for Michael before handing the remains to Jeni after discovering there was very little left. Cindy shrugged as she handed Jeni the dish, ‘Girls don’t eat as much as boys anyway.’

Jeni was angry because the cake was her favorite. She could cut the slice in three pieces because it was so small. ‘Daddy, Cindy fooled me yet again,’ she grumbled.Jack was unhappy at hearing this, but not because of what had happened. He addressed her as ‘Jeni.’ “Do I have to tell you to call Cindy every time?’

‘But she isn’t my mother!’ Jeni screamed. Cindy overheard her and told her kid to retire to his room. The party went from being enjoyable to being a complete disaster.
Jack and Cindy got into a fight upstairs. He questioned her, ‘Why do you constantly put Michael ahead of Jeni?’

‘Isn’t it self-evident? My biological son is Michael. Jeni is my biological daughter. She isn’t one of my children. You have her, “Cindy replied.Cindy, how can you say that? Jeni is your child just as much as she is mine.

Together, we reared her! When we first met and married, we promised to stick together no matter what. Our children have a role in this “Michael charged at her.

‘How can I accept a child who looks like your ex-girlfriend? What do you think that does to me? Every day, I am reminded that before me, you were head over heels in love with another lady, and the two of you have a child!” Cindy screamed.

‘Before you accepted my marriage proposal, you already knew I had Jeni.   If you can’t accept her as your daughter, how will this marriage ever work?” Jack stated this as he closed the door behind him.

Cindy was angry because she had been left alone in the hallway. She returned down the stairs to find her father alone at the dining table, holding a cup of coffee.

‘Why should I treat a child who isn’t even my child as if she were my child?” she asked as she sat across from him.Her father, Peter, urged her, ‘You should treat Jeni like your daughter, too.’

‘Dad, you don’t understand. You’ve never had a stepdaughter before, right? ‘she responded
Cindy’s father suddenly sighed. He said, “Actually, I know what it’s like to raise someone who isn’t my own blood.”

The elderly gentleman then proceeded to the living room, where he opened the chest in front of the television. He took an old photograph of a young couple from his bag. ‘This photograph has been in my possession for 42 years. I believe it is past time for me to tell you the truth, “He handed Cindy the photograph.

Cindy was confused at this moment. She was an only child, and after hearing what her father had just said, she began to suspect she had a brother.

‘Cindy, I’m sorry, but I’m not your biological father. I dated this woman when I was in my twenties, you see. Despite the fact that she was already pregnant, I loved her so much that I accepted her for who she was “He continued.

‘That woman became sick one day. She died as a result of her disease. Cindy, that woman was your mother “Peter confirmed. ‘I had been looking after you for three years when mother died. I already adored you and promised to look after you for the rest of my life, ‘Peter expressed his seriousness by gazing Cindy square in the eyes.

‘I raised you as a single parent because I wanted you to grow up with love and care. I worked tirelessly to ensure your bright future, and I’m delighted to see you happy and wealthy. I apologize for not telling you the truth. I simply didn’t have the courage, ‘Peter apologized for only telling Cindy the truth at this time.

Cindy was crying. She had no idea that the person who raised her was not a blood related, but she never felt alienated from him. Cindy told him, ‘You are my family.’ She cried, “Thank you for choosing to parent me and for loving me.’

After that chat, Cindy and Peter had a heartfelt embrace. After her father reminded her that being someone’s child doesn’t always mean being blood related, Cindy recognized she wanted to apologize to someone.

Jeni was peacefully reading a book in bed when she went up to her room. Cindy cried, ‘I’m sorry for how I’ve treated you over the last couple of years, Jeni.’

Jeni gazed up at Cindy, puzzled as to why she had suddenly changed her mind. ‘It’s fine,” she assured her stepmother. ‘I understand why you put Michael first. It’s because I’m not your biological child.’

‘That’s the problem. I allowed my hatred prevent me from being a good mother to you. Jeni, though, you are my daughter.

You are my daughter, and I promise that you can count on me as your mother and friend from this day forward ‘She said this while hugging the small girl.

Cindy took Jeni to the bakery the next day. ‘What brought us here, Cindy?” Jeni asked gently.
‘We’ve come to get you the biggest cake you’ve ever seen!’ Cindy chuckled.

‘Sweetheart, make your choice. It’s also no longer Cindy. It’s mum, ‘She gave her daughter a warm grin.

Jeni was overjoyed. She dashed around the bakery, admiring the beautiful desserts on display. She hugged Cindy when she made her decision. ‘Thank you, mother!’

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