Step out in matching violet outfits with a golden finish on their tops, perform Queen classic and impress the whole crowd….These teens will prove it.

It appears that being a child is no longer the same as it once was. Many teenagers choose to spend their time online rather than going outside or participating in physical activities since they have cell phones at their fingertips.

But this isn’t always the case. Many kids do have fun away from their phones, as the teen dancers in the video below demonstrate. Ryan Boz and Karla Catana placed second in the Young Adult category at the US Open Swing Dance Championships. As you’ll see, it’s still Swing, but with a little more flavor.

While most Swing dancers prefer to dance to jazzy melodies and groovy jams, Ryan and Karla chose to dance to a version of Queen’s legendary hit ‘We Will Rock You.’ They did indeed rock them.

After the preparations are completed, Boz and Katana appear in matching violet dresses with golden tops. When you think about it, there are some quite risky attire for a Swing tournament.

Swing dancing began in the 1920s with African-American communities dancing to contemporary jazz music.
Since then, numerous different Swing styles have formed. Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Balboa, and Shag are examples of dance styles.

All have a special place in the hearts of dancers, and the styles have been preserved over time by different clubs and organizations. As a result, the children of those participating are significantly influenced, perpetuating the lifestyle for future generations.

While many children get popularity on social media as a result of their pranks and hobbies, Ryan and Karla do so just because they are great dancers. Their style is a mix of swing and contemporary with a touch of pop chevalier.

Even the music has been modified and remixed with the boyband 5IVE’s rendition of the Queen track to indicate that this is a more modern take on the dance.

They introduce the rap section before bringing back Freddie Mercury’s voice, this time to a more cheerful blend of the arrangements. Only Queen’s Brian May and Roger Taylor appear on the track.

Freddie Mercury died in 1991, and bassist John Deacon had left the band three years prior to this performance. It’s still Queen, though.

Sure, they know how to do the classic Swing movements. They twist their hips and shuffle their feet to the melody at the same time, but there’s also some pop in there.

The coordination, balance, and communication skills required to pull this off are quite outstanding!
At the end of the day, they’re still teenagers who just want to have fun with their mates and laugh.

This performance is anything but boring — it’s rather rocking!
Karla even does a little ballet after Ryan adds a few Michael Jackson-style movements to add some spice.

Even their audience loves it because it’s such a unique take on the classic Swing.
A touch of ballroom here and there adds to an already captivating routine, and you can see they’re having a great time.

They spin, dip, and slide, and pop a couple times like Michael Jackson, all while flashing beautiful smiles on their bright, youthful faces. They finish their dance with a familiar position from their generation combined with an old-school flair.

The Swing legends must pay notice. The path ahead is new and bright.

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