The unreal connection between the doctor and the new born baby. See what happened at the maternity hospital

This is the incredible moment a newborn baby reaches out and grabs a doctor’s robe seconds after birth.

Hundreds of web users were moved by photos provided by Phng Châu Internatonal Hospital in Vietnam, which showed a special bond between the two.

The doctor was about to leave to change his clothes when the infant boy reached out and grabbed the man’s clothing.

Since the photos were posted on the hospital’s Facebook page last month, about 1,000 people have commented on them.

Users on social media were quick to comment on the lovely images, with some speculating that the infant was urgently requesting nourishment.

‘Wonderful,’ said one social media user. ‘Picture of the year,’ said one, while another said, ‘[Ths] steals my sprits, so cute!’

‘Lovely! One online user remarked, ‘Both the doctor’s affectonate eyes and the grip on the baby’s hand.’

Others commented on what the youngster was thinking at the time of the snap, with one commentator saying, ‘Doctor! ‘Don’t go; I’m here to have some fun with you!’

Despite the fact that no information about the baby was disclosed, online commenters dubbed the newborn ‘Baby Strong’ and ‘Boss Baby.’

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