This 66-year-old woman pays high price for giving a birth. Was that worth it ? More details about this touching story below

Motherhood is a wonderful stage of life, and many women fantasize of having a kid. That goal came true for one woman when she was 66 years old, and her actions drew a lot of criticism.

Every parent wishes to see their children grow and bloom as they progress through life’s stages, but this is not always attainable. Women who have children later in life have a lower likelihood of spending decades with their children.

Many mothers have been chastised for having children later in life, and one 66-year-old woman startled her family by announcing she was expecting twins.

Maria Carmen del Bousada, an elderly woman, has always desired to be a mother. She lived in Cadiz, Spain, and after her mother died, she began working on a plan to create her own family.

She said:
‘A lot of times, conditions put you between a rock and a hard place, and maybe things shouldn’t have been done the way they were done, but that was the only way I could get the thing I’d always wanted.’

Bousada kept her pregnancy a hidden for a long time, and her family assumed she was joking when she finally told them. Her relatives blasted her acts and termed her selfish.

Bousada achieved her aim of becoming a mother through in vitro fertilization (IVF). She pretended to be 55 years old to doctors at a fertility clinic in California.

Everyone should become a mother when they feel the timing is right, according to the retired department store employee. She was desperate to become a mother or father and even sold her home for $59,000 to fund the IVF therapy.

In 2006, the 66-year-old gave birth to twins and was overjoyed to have finally realized a lifelong dream. She adored Christian and Pau and became known around the world as the world’s oldest mother.

Bousada tried to care for her children and could only manage a brief walk with them. Six months after giving birth, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, which made being a mother difficult.

She was completely focused on her ‘At the moment, I am still here,’ she says of the “extremely plump and very massive’ babies. Right now, I’m not thinking about fear.

‘Bousada never informed her twins that she was ill, saying:’ I haven’t told them because they’re still newborns. These things are inappropriate for them.’

Bousada stated that she had wanted to find a younger man to assist her in caring for the children, but this did not materialize. Her family was instead compelled to step in and help her raise Christian and Pau.

Bousada tragically passed away in 2009, having only spent a few years with her adored children. She had earlier declared that she, like her mother, would live to be 101 years old, but this was not the case.

Despite the incident, the woman’s brother praised Bousada’s acts and expressed happiness to have the twins in his life. Ricardo observed: ‘I believe she has acted too late in life… but they have arrived. We adore these handsome young men.’

The children were doing well, according to Pilar Pinto, who worked closely with Bousada’s sibling. He revealed: “They are carefully cared after and in excellent condition. I frequently see them around town.

Bousada did not have much time with her long-awaited children. Her cancer diagnosis deprived her of the golden years she deserved with her new family.

Pinto continued:
‘God didn’t allow her to spend much time with her children. He should have spent more time with her.’

Despite her illness, Bousada remarked in one of her final interviews that she never regretted her decision to create a family. Bousada’s family members will hopefully keep her memory alive by telling her sons about their remarkable mother.

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