Giant baby boy lifted out with huge efforts. Doctors and parents are shocked!!

Mum Amy Smt, 27, was left speechless after giving birth to a newborn boy who weighed nearly twice as much as the normal baby.

Despite having no appetite during her pregnancy, the mother claimed that ‘it took two people to get him out.’ Amy and her husband now hope that their child will grow up to play rugby.

All the scans showed he was quite tall, and both Zac and I are around the six-foot mark, so we knew he was going to be a tall baby.However, we had no idea he’d be so big.

‘When they went to weigh him, he didn’t even ft on the scales since he was too big and wide.’ They had to build an improvised plank thing to keep him balanced.’

‘Because we expected him to be tall, we bought clothes for up to three months.» None of them, however, ft hm. Amy continued, «I had to send Zac out to get him some sex-nine month clothes.’

I just stopped eating.’I couldn’t eat meat or anything else, therefore I never fancied any meals.

‘During my first pregnancy with Lola, I couldn’t stop eating all day long.’

‘However, with Zek, I simply had no appetite.’ And all I can think about is how much of a jerk he could have been if I had eaten a lot!’she sighed.

‘He’s South African, so he’s extremely into his rugby, and Zek already refers to him as our little rugby player.’

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