See how the knitted teddy bear toy helps the woman to find her lost daughter.

Tina Doubleday was an lonely woman  She was 56 years old and single. Tina had been married before, but it had been twenty-six years and she had never married again.

She drowned out the sting of her loneliness by volunteering at a local orphanage, where she played the role of ‘part-time grandmother’ to many of the orphaned children. One of those orphans suddenly brought her tragic past back to life one day.

Polly, one of the youngest girls and Tina’s secret favorite, screamed, ‘Tina, Tina!’… ‘Check out what I’ve got!’ As she hurried towards Tina, Polly held up a teddy bear that had clearly seen a lot of love.

Tina felt the power leave her legs as Polly held the teddy bear up, so she staggered over to one of the playground chairs and sat down. That crocheted teddy bear was familiar to her.

For the sake of their children, parents must occasionally make difficult decisions.
She’d fashioned it herself from of pieces of yarn she’d begged from a neighbor for her daughter’s fourth birthday present. Her daughter had given it the name Deddy, and she had refused to sleep without Deddy in her hands.

Tina’s life had been at its lowest point throughout those days. She’d been in an unpleasant relationship for a long time and knew she couldn’t support herself. Most critically, she was unable to provide for her daughter.

Tina might escape, take to the streets, and try to make a living, but could she do the same to a four-year-old child? So she left her child in the orphanage, promising to return soon…

Her final memory of her daughter was of her clutching Deddy in her arms and waving the toy’s hand in a farewell gesture. That same teddy bear was now in her possession once more!She inquired, ‘Polly, where did you acquire this?’

Polly continued, ‘Well, there’s this lady who comes here every week to play with us.’ “She’s sad, just like you.’ She sends us toys, and she informed me yesterday that she had something special for me.
‘You see, I told her how much I missed my mommy, and she brought me the teddy and she said he helped her when she  miss HER mum.’

Tina said, ‘Cynthia?’ ‘Do you know the lady’s name?’
‘Yes,’ Polly agreed. ‘That’s it. She is quite pleasant. You ought to meet her. On Thursday mornings, she always shows up.’

Tina was at the orphanage the next Thursday morning, sitting on a park seat with a racing heart, waiting for Cynthia to show. It had to be her little girl!
Tina was aware that Cynthia had been adopted at the age of six by a loving couple from the same orphanage, and that by the time she had put her life back together, it was too late.

Cynthia was nearly nine years old, and the orphanage director stated that separating her from the family she’d grown to love would be terrible. He’d softly informed Tina, ‘She’s really pleased.’ ‘She’s one of our triumphs, and she’s adored…’

Tina had said, ‘I love her too,” tears streaming down her face.

The director smiled and replied, ‘I know…’ “However, you did abandon her, and we are determined to do what is best for the child. It’s your kid.’ Tina had therefore walked away from Cynthia, leaving her to her new and happy life.

She finally had the chance to see her daughter after twenty-six years. Tina considered, ‘Even if I don’t say anything.’ ‘Just seeing her will satisfy! I won’t bother her or cause her any difficulty!’

She suddenly heard Polly yell: ‘Tina, Tina, Tina! Here’s the lady with the stuffed animal!’  A thin woman in her early thirties was being pushed towards Tina by Poly. ‘Now, Cynthia, meet my grandmother Tina!’

Cynthia smiled as she came to a halt in front of Tina. ‘Hello! I see we’re both friends with Polly!’she added.Tina shrugged. ‘Yes, I particularly like the teddy you gave her,” she remarked, her voice trembling. “Did you receive it somewhere?’

Cynthia laughed. ‘It was made for me by my birth mother, and it was my dearest companion for years,’ she explained. ‘Whenever I felt unhappy or lonely, I’d hold it in my hands and remember her singing to me.’

‘Thank you so much for giving Deddy to Polly!” Tina expressed herself.
Cynthia remained motionless, her gaze fixed on Tina. ‘How did you figure that out?’
‘Pardon me?’ Tina questioned, confused.

‘How did you figure out the name of the teddy?’ Cynthia asked, taking a step closer and holding Tina’s hand. ‘I recognize you! I recognize you…

It’s YOU!’ Tina began to cry. ‘I’m so sorry, Cynthia,’ she cried, ‘please don’t hate me.’ ‘Leaving you was the hardest thing I’d ever done, but I didn’t have somewhere else to go and…’

Cynthia replied softly, ‘And you came back for me.’ “After my adoptive parents died a few years ago, the director told me.” He claimed you left so I could have a stable and comfortable childhood. Mommy, I know you loved me; I know everything. You have my forgiveness.’

Tina was crying in Polly’s arms, and she exclaimed triumphantly, ‘I KNEW you were her daughter!’ You have the same eyes as mine!’ Cynthia laughed heartily. ‘Yes, miss smarty-pants,’ she confirmed. ‘I was going to ask you today whether you think you’d like me to be your mommy one day, and guess what? You said yes. You get a grandmother as well!

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