There are times when creativity is born due to small opportunities.

When we read about people who choose to live in tiny homes or on a bus, we usually imagine a couple of people at most, but a family of six with two dogs and a snake?

We don’t see  something like that too often.

Matt, Tessa, AJ, Parker Rae, Sam, Lucas, Quinn, and Hudson are the Evans family. They are a family of eight, but only the four youngest children remain with Matt and Tessa because two of the older children have moved out.

They have two dogs and Sam’s pet snake  add to the children.Matt and Tessa made a major family decision. They sold their house and got a 1986 MCI MC9 Crusader II for $8000, then spent $21000 on renovations, leaving them with a total of $29000.

Gus Gus the Bus Bus  is its name and it’s powered by a Detroit Diesel 8v 92 motor with no turbo.
Gus Gus is 40 feet long bumper to bumper, but they tow a dolly and a minivan behind the bus, bringing the total length to almost 58 feet.

This lovely vehicle has three large storage bays.They utilize the first bay for storage and the second bay for Sam, who is 16 years old. They keep all of their mechanical equipment on the third pay.

Gus Gus can hold up to 90 pounds of propane and 100 gallons of fresh water. They also have six solar panels, each of which is 300 watts, for a total of 1800 watts of power.

They have a battery bank for the solar equipment on the other side of the bus.The family also owns a Toyota Sienna, which they use to go for groceries.

 In Inside, you’d be amazed at how well-ventilated it is. It is actually very large and comfortable. It’s 280 square feet, and the lovely couch that converts into a large dining table is the first thing you’ll notice.They have plenty of windows to let in natural light, as well as lovely cabinet paint and a patterned floor.

They have plenty of counter space and a full-size refrigerator, which we appreciate.What are their sleeping structures?

The eldest, Sam, is now 16 years old and lives under the bus. He sleeps with his pet snake in one of the storage compartments, which includes a full-sized bed.

Matt and Tessa gave each child a money for the sleeping area, and they created their own beds.

The purple bunk belongs to Lucas, 13, and the yellow bunk belongs to Quinn, 12. Hudson, who is only seven years old, chose the color turquoise. When it’s movie time, the couple has a large master bedroom that they all use.

Of course, they have their own bathroom, vanity, washing machine, and composting toilet.Moving onto a bus, according to Lucas, was a huge change, and he misses his mates, but he appreciates their closeness, the activities, and the ability to travel.

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