What this 11-years-old kid did will amaze you. Click and watch the outdoor performance.

People have watched numerous skilled performers who sat on its chairs, took a breath, and demonstrated their wonderful skills ever since public pianos first appeared in various locations throughout the world.One of the objectives of the ‘Play Me, I’m Yours’ project was to achieve this.

Luke Jerram, a multi-talented British artist, traversed the world and pioneered the practice of placing pianos in public areas.Pianos can be seen in shopping malls, parks, streets, and train stations.

Over 2000 street pianos have been put across the world, with local artists taking the initiative to decorate them.

With the simple exhortation ‘Play Me, I’m Yours,’ Jerram invites people to play the piano.

As a result, everyone is urged to take a seat at the public piano, whether they are a novice who is just beginning to learn the instrument or a world-class pianist. It’s a terrific location to show off your work and meet new people.

The project drew extraordinary skills from all over the world, but this 11-year-old youngster had the courage to attempt it for himself.

It was a typical day in a London park in Soho.Teenagers are playing ping pong, passers-by are having a stroll, while adults are conversing while leaning against the public piano.

George Harliono, an 11-year-old boy, approached the men and asked if he could participate. The men were gracious enough to make room for the child.

Harliono sat down and readied himself for his upcoming performance in front of the audience.’The Lark’ by Mikhail Glinka and Mili Balakirev was his first classical piece.

The music was both sad and lovely, and the young man’s ability to convey that sensation while playing the piano was outstanding. People were overwhelmed by the sweet music as he slowly caressed the piano keys with his fingers.

While more people stopped to watch the boy play, he continued to play.
He used the correct musical dynamics and nailed the piece’s most challenging and fast moments.

Harliano struck every note and played the piece flawlessly despite his little fingertips.

The audience applauded him, but the show was far from over as Harliono performed another piece for his growing audience.

Beethoven’s famous ‘Moonlight Sonata (Movement 3)’ was chosen by the youngster. He blew everyone’s mind even before he started performing the opening. Even the teenagers who were playing in the background paused to watch him.

The video was uploaded to YouTube and has since received 9.5 million views.
Eventually, the 11-year-old youngster who played in the park grew up to be an 18-year-old piano virtuoso who performed on larger stages.

He also often publishes to his YouTube channel, so make sure to check it out and show your support for him on social media!

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