From wooden pallet into a comfortable yard swing …Yes it is possible…

Julia Anastasopoulos is a YouTube star from South Africa who hosts the show ‘Suzelle DIY.’ ‘A Bitesize Do-It-Yourself Webseries,’ she calls it. (She also has her own Comedy Central show, ‘Ridiculousness with Suzelle DIY.’)

Suzelle is played by Anastasopoulos, who co-creates hilarious and intelligent DIY videos with her closest friend Marianne, who never speaks.

Swing made from pallets
The pair demonstrate how to create an outdoor swing out of pallets in a video that has received over a quarter-million views.

This is in honor of Garden Day, which is a day dedicated to helping you celebrate your garden (in case you couldn’t tell from her accent).

The video, named ‘Absolutely palatable!’ by viewers, proposes that we collect all the necessary tools: ‘You’ll need a pallet, rope, and, of course, a tree!’ Keep an eye out for any splinters!’

The tree may be difficult to come by, but the rest is straightforward. (A hand sander, carabiners, and a drill will also be required.)

Getting down to business
Pallets aren’t designed to be comfy for us to sit on, so while you can decorate your swing however you like (and it should definitely include a cushions), the very first step is to sand down any jagged surfaces so you don’t have to get down from your swing in search of Band-Aids.

Just remember to clean up the sawdust afterward! Then, on both sides of the pallet, drill six holes on the slats closest to the edge, so that the holes line up and you can tie the rope through them.

Make sure to sand the holes once more to avoid catching yourself on splinters.

Tricks with ropes
Suzelle knows how to cut the rope with ease. She wraps some tape around it first to keep the new edges from fraying, then cuts through it and singes the ends to keep them in place. (Actually, she delegated this task to Marianne.)

The next step is to connect the rope to the pallet with a knot. You’ll also need to tie one on the other end, and Suzelle recommends using a figure-8 or ‘infinity’ knot.

Thread the rope across each edge of the swing from top to bottom.To get a sense of it, you need to view a photo:

Finally, you’ll be able to grasp the rope loops. It’s easier to see it in action this time:Complete the knots.

Clipping on the carabiner is simple because the loops are closed.

Marianne is tasked with tying the special knots for the rope parts that will loop around the tree and hook onto the carabiners to hang the swing.

Because the knots are more intricate and vital to get right, you’ll have to watch the video for more information. The expression on Marianne’s face reveals it.

Suzelle cautions that after wrapping the knots around a tree limb, they must be secure AND level with one another. You don’t want your swing to be crooked – or worse, collapse to the ground while you’re on it! This will very certainly necessitate the use of a ladder.

Connect it
You’re ready to stand back and enjoy your work after tying the swing’s carabiners onto the loops from the tree rope knots.You can decorate with cushions, pillows, or whatever else you want once it’s up and hanging.This is the more feminine variation.

While the delivery is amusing, the directions are not – you can actually make a pallet swing, and many commenters were encouraged to give it a try!’I was looking for a method to put these pallets left in my new house to good use while also benefiting the kids, and this came up…

I had tears in my eyes because I was laughing so hard…
I’m glad I found the channel; I’m a new subscriber, and you two are fantastic.

(P.S….probably the best and quickest manner I’ve ever seen anything done with a pallet…straight to the point and very little hardware required to produce a sturdy/nice pallet swing! Excellent work!) ‘

Of course, our instructions aren’t complete, so watch the video below for a full overview of this fantastic outdoor DIY project. It’s extremely enjoyable!

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