A pregnant woman who believes she is expecting twins breaks the national record for multiple births.

Every woman wishes for a planned pregnancy, but despite their best efforts, some pregnant mothers are surprised by the outcome. See how a pregnant mother, who was told she was having twins by her physicians, set a new record with her miraculous kids!

One of the most important benefits of parenthood for most couples is knowing that their children will be cared for and loved as much as they can.

They attempt to plan the amount of kids they will have for this reason, as having more or less than they intended may damage their credibility as parents. Whatever their convictions, it is impossible to deny their children of affection or ignore them once they become parents.

Alexandra Kinova, 23, was one of those mothers who had prepared herself to passionately love her twins. According to her, she was in for the biggest surprise of her life.

The young mother from Milovice, northeast of Prague, who set a national record, was more than able to handle the responsibilities, no matter how difficult.


The Czech Republic’s 23-year-old woman was no stranger to being pregnant. She and her partner already had a little kid, and their second and third children were on the way. It was not shocking to learn that they will be parents to two children, given twins ran in both families.

Doctors discovered Kinova was pregnant with four babies a couple months before delivery! As if that wasn’t enough, her most recent scan revealed the presence of a fifth child a few weeks later.

She cried when she found out she was having quintuplets. The pregnant woman was both overwhelmed and terrified because the chances of successfully conceiving all five babies were small.

Another surprising aspect was that two of their sexes were hidden in the scan, making it impossible to determine all of their sexes. They didn’t know for sure until they were delivered.

It wasn’t easy for Kinova to carry a pregnancy for the second time. She suffered stomach pain for four months and a few other minor issues, but she was able to lie on her side and had no breathing problems.


Before his younger siblings arrived, the couple’s firstborn created a loving heart for them. Kinova revealed that her eldest son collaborated with them in naming his soon-to-be-born siblings.

The four boys were to be named Deniel, Michael, Alex, and Martin when they arrived, while their sister would be Terezka.


The young couple welcomed their quintuplets in 2013. The doctors checked her before doing a Caesarean section to ensure a safe and smooth delivery.

Officials from Prague’s Institute for the Care of Mother and Child rushed to care for the mother and her infants as soon as she gave birth, subsequently confirming that they were all in good health.

Zbynek Stranak, a top neonatal doctor at the institute, was the doctor who delivered the babies. He insisted that the delivery went perfectly and that the babies were in wonderful health and had a near-100 percent probability of growing up healthy.

Kinova made history by becoming the first mother to conceive all five children spontaneously, without the use of science. The delighted mother of six revealed how she would care for her children in the same way she did with her first. As she puts it:

‘I nursed my first child for about a year and a half, and I want to do so again. While I am aware that certain individuals will need artificial diet.’

Kinova’s companion followed her on the trek, but he was worried when he saw the babies. ‘I was crying the whole time because I was afraid I wouldn’t make it,’ he told a reporter.

Despite the fact that the couple had not expected the results and both expressed concern, they ultimately relaxed into their miracle. It was a blessing to have all five babies without any health issues.

This demonstrates that planning alone may not be sufficient, particularly for parents eager to welcome children. Every child is born for a cause, thus one must be open to accepting them in their numbers!

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