‘Savage’ grandmother promeses her 5 grandkids $2M inheritance, but something went not according to plan

A ‘savage’ grandmother fooled her five grandkids by guaranteeing each of them a $2 million inheritance, but there was a twist in the will that they discovered later.

Despite having a large family of 5 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren, Lesley Farrel remained primarily alone when her husband George died.

They rarely paid her a visit over any holiday, and if she sent them an invitation, they’d explain they wouldn’t be able to attend that year.

Lesley, who was now living alone, often thought as a result ‘George and I raised our children with love, never expecting to see the day when our grandkids would cut me off and turn to me for the inheritance!

It’s past time for them to admit they’re incorrect.’ As a result, Lesley resolved to give her granddaughter a visit the next day, planning ahead in her mind.

Susan Matthews was a divorced mother of two who supported her family by working three jobs for 12 hours a week, including weekends.

She was perplexed when she spotted the older woman on her doorway on a Sunday morning. ‘Gran? What is it that has brought you here so early in the morning?’

‘Oh, sweetheart!’ Lesley smiled broadly. “I simply wanted to visit and converse with my grandchildren. I wouldn’t have bothered you if it hadn’t been the weekend. I’m hoping it’s all right if I come in.’

Susan stopped, ‘Ugh, Gran.’ “Please come back on another day. I’ll be leaving for work in an hour and will be unable to accommodate you.’

You will harvest what you sow.
‘Oh! I didn’t realize you were going to be so busy today. I only intended to discuss the will, but that’s great. I’ll be back later, “As she prepared to go, she remarked. Susan, however, abruptly came to a halt.

‘The will?’

‘Oh, this isn’t a big deal!’ Lesley blushed as she carefully twisted her cane around. “You know, honey, I’m already 90 years old, and I told Mr. Clark that I’d rather do it sooner rather than later because God can call me home at any time.’

‘Oh, Gran! You should’ve stated it earlier! Please come in!’ Susan chirped, directing her inside. ‘I’m confident it won’t bother my boss if I’m a few minutes late.’

Lesley smiled as she walked carefully through Susan’s ancient, run-down home. Susan’s children were sleeping in another room on an old, filthy mattress, which she could tell hadn’t been changed in years.
‘So Gran…

What were you hoping to discuss?” Susan asked as she prepared tea for the elderly lady into an ancient china teacup. Lesley remarked, ‘Hun.’ ‘I merely require your assistance. After all, it’s been a long time since any of you came to see me since George left.

I realize you have a lot on your plate, but keeping an eye on our grandmother shouldn’t be too difficult, right? All I want is that you do it.’ Lesley smiled as she said.

‘I’m not bothered, Gran, but…’

‘I swear you’ll be the sole heir to my $2 million estate in exchange! If you agree to it, you must also agree to another requirement.’

Susan would have helped Lesley even if she hadn’t been offered the inheritance, but she couldn’t say no after thinking about it.

‘Of sure, Gran,’ she said with a smile. As a result, Lesley asked her to pay her a weekly visit every Sunday on the condition that none of her siblings were aware of it.

‘Darling, don’t create unneeded jealousy for yourself. Your four brothers should be uninformed of what I promised.’

Susan gave Lesley a kind nod in response to her condition, and the woman has visited her grandmother every weekend since. As she had to go across town to Lesley’s apartment, her schedule became more chaotic, and her expenses skyrocketed.

Her budget also shrunk dramatically as her grandmother demanded pricey vitamins and health check-ups on a monthly basis.

Susan thought about giving up several times, but the thought of a brighter future pushed her, and she took care of Lesley for the next few months, cleaning, washing, cooking, and even shopping.

Meanwhile, Lesley was not having it with her grandsons. She paid them all a visit at work and presented Susan the same idea she had.

Lesley lived a joyful life for five days a week, surrounded by her grandchildren, who, despite being primarily interested in her riches, looked after her and spent time with her on one of the specified days.

Mrs. Carter, Lesley’s next-door neighbor and friend for the past 20 years, paid her a visit one day after noting Lesley’s grandchildren were frequent visitors, something she hadn’t seen in years.

She said, ‘Lesley!’ ‘How did you convince them ?  These days’ children actually don’t care about their elders.’

Lesley looked her tea with a pleasant smile. “I only had to set a trap for these kids, and they walked straight into it. They must have anticipated that after my death, they would get everything I own, but they missed the fact that their grandmother will not let them off so simply. They needed to be taught a lesson!”

‘However, Lesley…
I’m still not sure….’
‘Edith, I did the right thing. My grandsons are wealthy, yet they have never taken care of me. Did you know they contacted my lawyer recently? They wanted to know if George had left anything for them.

And, despite agreeing to look after me in exchange for money, my lone granddaughter accomplished far more than those lazy boys! As a result, they will all get what they deserve in the end.” Of course, Lesley was correct when she said that.

She included particular terms in her will that no one was supposed to know about — at least until she died. So, six years later, when she died quietly in her sleep, the lawyer called all of her grandchildren and invited them to meet at his office after the funeral.

Susan was overcome with delight as she received the call. She went to the lawyer’s office and obtained a leave of absence from work.

When she arrived, though, she was taken aback by what she saw. Her four brothers were fighting with the lawyer about why none of them were the true inheritors of Lesley’s fortune.

Sam, the eldest, responded, ‘That old hag misled us all these years by having us care for her.’ ‘How is she able to donate her house to charity?’

‘And the money…not it’s even ours!’ Harry, the youngest, retaliated. ‘We didn’t understand it, but she was way too clever for all of us. She cheated us all!’

Mr. Clark, the lawyer, answered, ‘Well, children.’ ‘Your grandmother made it plain that all of her money belonged to your children, and that they will only receive it when they turn 18.

As a result, the $2 million she left behind will be divided into 11 equal pieces. Now, everyone, please make way for the people who are waiting outside, since I don’t have all day for you.’

Susan went home soon after, disappointed to see that Lesley had left her nothing. She slammed the flower vase Lesley had given her against a wall, angry.

The vase had cracked into fragments, but scattered around the floor were small bundles worth thousands of dollars. She couldn’t believe it when she tallied them all up: $300,000!

Lesley had also left a note for her in the last bundle. ‘Everyone gets what they deserve one day. I hope this aids you in your home repairs. Grandma Lesley, with love.’

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