Owen Wilson regret to meet his only child | Her mother thinks he would notice that ‘she looks just like him.’

Owen Wilson appears to be a natural in the character of a parent in films, portraying the funny dad who grows up with his children and does his best to keep his family happy.

In real life, though, his fatherly instincts have been questioned on multiple occasions, and he is said to have never seen his only daughter since she was born.

Robert Ford, whom he had with Jade Duell, and Finn, whom he had with Caroline Lindqvist, are the two sons of the Marley & Me actor. According to sources, he has a good relationship with his sons and is highly involved in their life.

He has avoided touch with both his daughter and the mother after learning that his ex-girlfriend Varunie Vongsvirates was pregnant with his child.

According to RadarOnline.com, Wilson had an on-again, off-again relationship with Vongsvirates for approximately five years, and when he found out she was pregnant with his child, he even changed his phone number.

Vongsvirates was initially optimistic about her daughter’s future because she believed Wilson would make a wonderful father, given his affection for his other two boys.

‘He’ll be a terrific dad,’ she previously stated, ‘since he’s an incredible dad with his other two children.’ Vongsvirates, on the other hand, later decided he didn’t want anything to do with her or their daughter.

Lyla Aranya Wilson, their daughter, would not be able to have the same experiences with their father as Owen Wilson has with his sons.

‘Owen was not thrilled when Varunie told him she was pregnant, and it was the last time they communicated,’ a source added. ‘He got a new phone number.’ He’s never met his daughter, and he didn’t even tell me he was changing his phone number.’

‘Of course, if a paternity test confirms that he is the father of another child,’ a source told Us Weekly at the time. ‘If a paternity test proves that he is the father of another child, he will complete all of his commitments to assist his child.’

Wilson appears to treat the little one as if she were a responsibility. Wilson has had no contact with her since she was born on October 9, 2018, and his only involvement with her is the money he provides Vongsvirates for her care.

Despite the paternity test showing that he was Lyla’s father, he was still unsure if she was truly her daughter. Despite this, he continues to spend $25,000 per month for a child he has never met, and the Daily Mail said that he had to pay $70,000 to cover the costs of a labor coach, a night nurse, and Vongsvirates’ legal bills.

‘In court in June, he even clicked the no visitation box…’ a source told Us Weekly in 2018. ‘He doesn’t want to see her [and] has no desire to have custody of her.’

Wilson has urged Vongsvirates to be a part of their daughter’s life, and she is distraught when she sees him with his other boys.

According to a source, ‘Owen has been a wonderful parent to his two sons and has kept a loving and tight relationship with their mothers.’ Even though Vongsvirates emphasizes how much Lyla needs her father, he remains utterly absent from her life.

‘Lyla is someone Owen has never met. Never, ‘DailyMail.com spoke with Vongsvirates. ‘He assists financially, but it has never been the focus. Lyla is missing her father.

It’s interesting that [Owen] keeps getting parent parts; in his current film, he plays a father, yet he’s never met his own daughter.’

Vongsvirates’ only message to Wilson was this: ‘You should go see your daughter; she’s amazing, and you’re missing out. She resembles you perfectly ‘Lyla, who is claimed to have baby blue eyes and beautiful blonde hair, looks a lot like her father.

Vongsvirates desires Wilson would be a part of Lyla’s life since she has seen personally what it’s like to have only one parent. ‘Varunie’s mother died when she was still a young and impressionable child.

She understands what it’s like to have only one parent. That is something she does not want to happen to her daughter ‘RadarOnline.com was told by an insider.

‘She simply desires for her daughter to live a regular life. It didn’t work out with them – that happens – but abandoning his child is impolite and unethical.’

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