With his wonderfully ‘naughty’ friend, a 13-year-old steals the show.

I adore how he made my face muscles ache from smiling so hard.
Who doesn’t appreciate a good talent show?

Especially coming from a child.
Jamie Leahey had his chance to show Britain’s Got Talent what he was made of during the first round of auditions.

Jamie is a self-taught ventriloquist who is only 13 years old.
Jamie and Chuck, his ventriloquist dummy, begin by making a joke about laughter.

‘It’s all about having a good giggle,’ Jamie explains. Chuck, where would you be without a laugh?’
‘Sat on David’s seat,’ Chuck responds quickly, alluding to Judge David William.

Judge Simon Cowell claps enthusiastically at this first crack.

Jamie made the best during the week lockdowns and perfected his ventriloquism skills in just two years.
In barely two years, this first crack has received a few hearty claps.

His greatest ambition is to perform in Vegas or Hollywood and have his name displayed in neon lights!
After his grandmother got him a monkey puppet, he began practicing by watching videos.

In two years, his hard effort paid off as he got to play on stage!

If you’re unfamiliar with ventriloquism or ventriloquy, it’s a type of sound illusion in which someone throws their voice to make it appear like it’s coming from somewhere else.

This makes it sound as if it may have come from some other.
Jamie impersonated his friend and ventriloquist dummy, Chuck, the chicken, for his voice.

The act begins with a lot of laughter from the audience.
This makes it sound like it at first.

Jamie’s jokes and conversation with his chicken pal Chuck are certainly amusing and held the audience’s attention during his audition.

When Jamie adds, ‘I guess you find that hilarious,’ it’s one of the more memorable exchanges between them.

Jamie and his brash sidekick Chuck finish their set by singing the Rat Pack’s ‘Me and My Shadow.’
Ventriloquism that talks and sings…

Talk about brilliance!
Jamie and Chuck receive a standing ovation from all four judges, as well as the audience.

‘You have a wonderful skill, not just for ventriloquism but for entertaining people,’ Judge David Williams tells Jamie following his audition. That was just fantastic.’

Jamie received high accolades from more than one judge.

‘I truly love that,’ says Judge Alesha Dixon. I couldn’t believe you were only 13 years old since it was so smooth. It was quite amusing, and Chuck is extremely naughty, and I adore Chuck’s sense of humour.’

When Judge Amanda Holden asked him a few questions at the conclusion, Chuck had a few more laughs for the audience.

All four judges gave Jamie and his good friend Chuck a hearty YES.
As he walked off the stage, Simon Cowell said Jamie is really nice.

Jamie and Chuck performed admirably despite their anxieties and excitement.

Jamie would be an excellent tutor if you wanted to learn how to do ventriloquism.
But don’t take it from me.

Prepare to giggle as you see his ridiculous audition below!

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