A trio of sisters jam out in a barn, and their performance is touching people’s hearts!

Although we may not all be able to live the rockstar dream, who says we can’t pretend by singing our hearts out?

Many teenagers, and perhaps some adults, listen to their favorite artists in their rooms. However, for individuals who grew up on a dairy farm, another location that can be used as a music platform exists. Of course, we’re talking about the barn!

With their incredible performance, a group of ‘small-town’ sisters has caught the internet’s heart. It does, that is, take place in their family’s barn.

In DeKalb, New York, the Wright sisters run a dairy farm. They put on a performance for the cows (and the internet) one day.

Madisyn, 14, Bailey, 12, and Peyton, eight, are all dressed in their work uniform and shoes in the video. Prepare to smile as they let their hair down and rock out to Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believin’.’

To improve their singing, two of the sisters turn their hands into microphones. Bailey, on the other hand, starts raking (since, after all, someone has to do some labor, right?). She instantly joins in the fun, so don’t worry!

They’ve probably heard this Journey song a dozen times before.

They dance and sing the iconic lyrics as if they’ve been listening to ‘Don’t Stop Believin» since infancy in the video. They even bring their electric guitars out for the show. Young Peyton improvises with a pitchfork while two are imagined.

Their performance may bring back memories for people who grew up with brothers and sisters.

The sisters seem to be having a great time together, singing and dancing «like no one is looking.» This is something that many of us did as children. Although it is unlikely to have made it to the internet (if there even was an internet).

The cows have front-row seats to their spectacular show.

The trio is surrounded by an audience, just like real rockstars (only their crowd members have four legs). They seem to genuinely care about their pets.

They made the video to show their support for the cause. Many dairy producers have recorded and shared their own singing and dancing performances under the hashtag #dairydanceoff.

The goal of the internet challenge was to promote joy during a period when milk prices were low.

‘The whole point of this Dairy Dance Off was to bring happiness to a negative situation.’ We don’t want the tale to be just about three small girls who went viral. We want it to be three small kids with a message who went viral.’

Two minutes and forty seconds of pure entertainment.
Who says a fantastic performance has to be glitzy and glamorous? Simply by letting loose in their barn, these sisters are raising moods all over the internet.

As one YouTube user put it:
‘When I need a smile, I turn to this video.’ What lovely young ladies!’

Someone else commented:
‘Awesome. I adore Journey, and you guys nailed it. Girls, keep rocking.’

This is a one-of-a-kind presentation that will have you singing and dancing as you work. Congratulations, ladies!

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