The family was shocked when they saw their dog with an unexpected guest…

Meet Bailey, a kind senior dog who realizes that giving love to others is a reward in and of itself.

Bailey was only a few years old when she was adopted by Arthur and his family in 2007.

She’d been used as a breeding dog in the past, giving birth to litter after litter of puppies before being forced to give them up.

Bailey recently demonstrated that, despite her  age, she is still a mother at heart, and her dedication can now be seen.

It all started when she and her family moved to a rural home a few months ago.

Shortly after moving home, Bailey’s family discovered a wild cat living in a gully behind the house.

They placed food out but no one came. Meanwhile, their dog appeared to be doing in some ‘voluntary work.’

‘Bailey was checking up on them in the backyard,’ Arthur told The Dodo.

Bailey’s whereabouts were unknown. However, one day her family spotted something through the window:

Bailey was hiding on the porch, but she wasn’t alone.

Resting on Bailey’s warm body, the feral kitty felt safe in the presence of her unexpected new friend.

‘Bailey has never befriended a feral animal,’ Arthur explained. ‘It just proves how caring she is.’ She’s always been a sweetheart.’

After noticing how beautifully Bailey had earned the trust of the scared cat, Bailey’s family decided to follow his lead. They were happy to have the small cat in their lives as well.

Her nickname in the family was Kitten-Kitten.

‘Kitten-Kitten is now living with everyone inside,’ Arthur explained. ‘She follows Bailey around like a puppy nearly.’ It’s safe to say she’s now a member of the family!’

‘Kitten-Kitten loves being inside and socializing with everyone,’ Arthur stated.

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