Adorable little dancers walk onto the stage for a spectacular penguin show. Watch the lovely performance, which has some surprises…

Dance performances are not only entertaining, but they are also an excellent opportunity for children to learn new abilities.

However, as every school recital organizer knows, keeping dancers on track may be difficult.

However, when everything comes together perfectly, you get something wonderful and entertaining, like the recital in this video.

Walk as if you’re a penguin.
The video begins with a brief title card introducing Ellen, the tall rightmost dancer in the front row’s far right.

The recital performance was filmed in 2008, and the videomaker, who we believe is one of Ellen’s parents, must have been smiling with pleasure.

As a gang of young girls jumps and waddles onto the stage, music begins to play. The dance is centered on penguins, with participants expressing amusing thoughts about these cold-weather creatures. It may not be as educational as Animal Planet, but it is guaranteed to make you giggle.

As the music begins, the dancers stand in a line and perform ballet steps and kicks together. While the majority of the dancers are in rhythm, Ellen stands out as a real professional.

She never missed a beat, and she even helped her other dancers stay up with the music through the more difficult movements, as one commenter pointed out.

The kids eventually form a circle and do a bounding circular step together. During this segment of the program, one of the children loses her top hat.

Even as one perplexed girl recovers the hat, unsure what to do, she maintains her dedication to the act.

The penguin ensemble reconvenes to dance and jump for the duration of the concert after an off-camera assistant collects the child’s hat. It’s a terrific way to wrap out a lighthearted recital. The kids then form a line and walk off stage, waddling the entire time.

A post-credits scene is always present.
The footage continues to show the girls returning to the stage. We can see grownups stepping out from behind the curtains, handling props and scenery, as the show nears its conclusion. The penguins are watching from the stage in the foreground.

One of the penguins, though, extends his hand, probably to wave or connect with someone in the audience. This demonstrates showmanship and star power that would fit in well with a Broadway curtain call.

Because Safety First, the moment is cut short as an adult rushes forward to pull the child back onto the stage.

We already discussed why recitals are beneficial to performers. They are an excellent way for children to gain confidence and stage presence, which helps in minimizing shyness.

They’re also a wonderful way to develop lifelong skills due to the level of teamwork needed.

Recitals, on the other hand, are an excellent method for parents / carers of recital performers to see their children’s talents. It’s always exciting to witness your child’s creativity and talent grow, even if they aren’t in a specific exhibit.

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