Woman turns cheap bowls from a dollar store into a modern side tables… Click and watch the process…

Who doesn’t enjoy a good DIY project? Even if you don’t enjoy doing these crafts yourself, you’ll appreciate watching others transform ordinary items into stunning decor pieces.

TikTok is also the place to be for all the DIY enthusiasts out there. It’s nearly difficult to see everything because there are so many users who publish their creations there.

Those who are inspired by these videos and then go home to work on their own DIY projects are destined because they will soon run out of space in their home to store all of their creations.

This is exactly what the guy who wrote ‘I’m upset about TikTok’ lyrics had in mind. The song goes, ‘I’m upset at TikTok, they duped me, had me believing I could do arts and crafts…’

And, indeed, all of the DIY videos make you want to try your hand at the project. Like the one a woman shared on Facebook about a year ago that went viral.

With over 4 million likes, it appears that the dollar-store bowl side table was a favorite with the TikTok crowd. The woman buys plastic bowls from the dollar shop and sprays them to make them black and matte, as you can see in the video below.

After that, she just uses glue to adhere them one to the other in a manner that resembles balls. She glues a plastic tray, which she bought in white and painted black to make it look like marble, on top of them/ And, surprise, surprise! That was it. The bowl side table is finished.

She then simply glues them one on top of the other in the shape of balls. She glues a white plastic tray on top of them, which she painted black to seem like marble. That’s not all! That was the end of it. The bowl side table, which you made yourself, is now complete.

Others suggested some good suggestions, albeit the end outcome would be in a different style.
Others thought she could have deleted the black spray and gone for flowers or anything beautiful inside so it would show, while others advised she should have put gumballs in the bowls to give it a game-room look.

Other Internet users have provided their own take on this project for individuals who enjoyed this DIY but are looking for an alternative when it comes to the quality of the bowls or the style of the finished product.

A Facebook user created a lovely side table out of dollar store cereal bowls, while another utilized gold instead of black to give the table a distinct look.

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