Generation gap: 17-years-old boys are hilariously confused when they try to figure out how to use a rotary phone.

The technology we use is one of the most telling contrasts across generations. Technology has advanced so quickly in recent decades that children now use devices that are totally different from those used by their parents.

Since its introduction in the second part of the nineteenth century, the telephone has become one of the most widely used pieces of technology.

People may now talk to their friends anywhere in the world through a little screen, thanks to what began as cones for speaking and listening. But how did we get here?

When two teenagers discovered a ‘weird’ phone, it was a teachable opportunity. Two young men saw something they’d never seen before in a video released by Kevin Bumstead. A rotary phone was revealed when they lifted a box.

This particular phone model could be mistaken for a vintage by the uneducated. While it was phased out after the invention of keypads, some people preserved theirs.

The teenagers, on the other hand, were aware that it was a phone. They simply didn’t understand how the components functioned! They grew up in a world where all you did was push buttons, so anything as intricate as this didn’t make sense to them.

Now let’s the fun begin.
The cameraman instructed the teenagers to complete a basic task in four minutes:dial a specified number. For many people, this may appear simple, but for these two, it felt like they were breaking a vault dial.

They began ‘dialing’ the number on the scrap of paper. At the very least, they tried! They looked over the numbers and dials to gain a sense of how things worked. Despite their ‘research,’ however, the phone turned out to be ‘too sophisticated.’

They attempted to ‘dial’ the number but stopped in the middle when they realized they had no idea what they were doing. However, the guy behind the camera dropped a hint. Something to assist them in figuring things out.

However, he only stated that they were correct on one number. They tried everything they could to make the information work for them, but in the end, the phone won.

However, a woman in the background cheered them up by saying that everyone had trouble using it the first time.

Fortunately, the teenagers did not give up.
For one thing, they eventually recognized that they needed to pick up the phone and place it in their ear before dialing.

The woman even instructed them on how to discern if they were doing things right by listening to the sound.

They continued to try to figure out what the ‘small holes’ on the dial did, and came to varied conclusions. All of this was still illogical, and they referred to themselves as ‘stupid’ at one point.

Who thinks technology is only challenging for the elderly? People in the background were clearly having a good time watching the younger generation figure out the technology that came before them. They couldn’t help but laugh at certain points, which was understandable.

The clock was ticking!
Finally, the teenagers gave trying, conceding that there were certain things that were beyond their current knowledge. Teenagers – zero; rotary phone – one.

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