The group of the officers waits their colleague’s daughter on her senior prom…What happened next will give you teary eyes..

Being a policeman mean more than simply catching criminals. Many people go above and above to help others in need, and they do so in ways that demonstrate how enormous their hearts truly are.

A bunch of cops went out of their way to be there for a teen and to honor a fallen officer in the tale below.

A touching story.
Officer Charlie Kondek was a respected member of the Tarpon Springs Police Department. However, what should have been a routine noise complaint call turned out to be rather different. Kondek’s life was taken soon after arriving on the place.

News that will shatter your world
Officer Kondek’s death shocked the entire town. As a minor police force, it had an impact on the life of every officer who worked there.

But it was his family, particularly his lovely daughter Aleena, who suffered the most.

A dedicated person
Officer Kondek, like most policemen, was dedicated to both his career and his family. The other cops had to persevere despite the difficulties.

Teresa, his wife, and Aleena, his daughter, had to learn out how to go on without the man they loved.

Overcoming a significant roadblock
The Kondek family was well prepared that they would face numerous difficulties, but one in particular stood out.

Aleena’s prom was nearing, you see. That’s when her mother came up with a beautiful and wonderful plan that required her to speak with a department official.

Everyone was agree.
He took Teresa’s suggestion to the other policemen after consulting with Major Jeff Young.

They all agreed without hesitation that they wanted to be a part of the plan. This mother had arranged for numerous escorts to accompany her to the prom.

Finally, the big day arrived.
Aleena, who was looking forward to prom but missing her father, had no idea what was about to happen.

She took the bus to school. Officer Kondek’s daughter, on the other hand, was in for a big surprise when she arrived… Her escorts were a handful of her father’s colleagues.

Everyone’s eyes filled with tears as they read the wonderful letter. But Aleena was in for another surprise from this squad of officers.

They displayed a homemade placard that stated, ‘Charlie… we’ve got your back,’ as well as numerous special images and Kondek’s badge.

Glimmering with delight
Aleena was overjoyed to see what her father’s friends had done for her. They all hugged this lovely young lady before entering the dance.

She claimed that having the officers act as her escorts gave her the impression that her father was present and watching over her.

Emotional speech
Aleena was asked how she was feeling at one time. She said to Fox 13: ‘They often say, ‘never forget,’ and I completely agree.

They’re always texting me, asking how I’m doing, and they help me with things that my father did, which is incredible. ‘I adore every single one of them.’

Wonderful moment
Aleena will remember this moment for the rest of her life. And there’s no doubt that her father is extremely proud of her and his friends who came up to assist her. This is an incredible story.

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