The protester interrupt tennis match with engaging performance! The all details below

Croatian tennis player Marin Cilic (23rd ATP) and Norwegian tennis player Casper Ruud (8th ATP) were suspended for several minutes during the third set of the Roland Garros semifinal.

In actuality, an audience activist rushed the field and tied herself to the net after a little more than two hours of play. The words ‘We have 1,028 days left’ was imprinted on the t-shirt she was wearing.

Cilic and Ruud were taken aback by what they were seeing, but they couldn’t stay on the field until security arrived.

After a few minutes, the security officials were able to break the wire and remove the girl from the field. Marin Cilic and Ruud then returned to the court to begin warming up for the remainder of the match.

The woman is a 22-year-old environmental activist, according to sources. Her T-shirt states, ‘We have 1028 days left,’ urging the world to take action against climate change.

The protestor wore a T-shirt with a link to a website that had highlighted the protest. It’s as though they were well aware that the security was poor!

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