You can be blind but see the most important. What this girl did on her wedding day for her future husband will amaze you

‘What is essential is invisible to the eye,’ as the Little Prince famously stated. Those sentiments were taken to heart by a couple, with the bride going above and beyond to make her wedding particularly special.

Kelly Anne Ferraro and Anthony Ferraro first met in 2017.They, like any other couple, enjoy traveling together. But what distinguishes them from other people is that they see the world from two quite distinct perspectives.

Anthony was born with a blindnes.
He was diagnosed with Lebers Congenital Amaurosis, a hereditary disease. He ‘sees’ the world by feeling, hearing, taste, and smelling, rather than colors and light, as we do.

Anthony told Insider, ‘I started seeing when I traveled with her, life started to alter in a dramatic way for me.’ ‘I began to view the world in a manner I had never seen it before.

She would take the extra time to slow down and take in every detail of a scenery, a structure, or something with me, even closing her eyes and attempting to feel it as I would.

Then I’d explain everything to her from my perspective, using my senses. She’d fill in all the visual blanks and explain everything to me in great detail.’ The duo shares more than just their senses of sight and sound.

In the year 2020, the two of them resolved to spend the rest of their lives together.
And, while every bride has their own preferences for the gown she will walk down the aisle in, Kelly Anne had a very specific set of instructions.

On their wedding day, she wanted her groom to ‘see’ her. Kelly Anne had to go on a dress hunt for this request.

The outfit should be comprised of a variety of fabrics with diverse textures and sensations. Kelly Anne collaborated on this project with Loulette Bridal in Brooklyn.

Anthony explained, ‘She has this complete vision for a tactile wedding dress with lovely textures like velvet and silk.’

‘She wasn’t sure what she wanted, but she knew it had to be tactile and unique in that regard.’ She also tried on a number of outfits while she was there. ‘When she put that one on, she just began crying,’ she added.

Velvet and silk were used to make the gown.
It also has a beautiful lace flower and an open back, which contrasts against her flesh with the strongly textured fabric.

‘I simply started crying,’ Anthony explained, ‘because I see with my hands — with all of my other senses, but especially my touch.’ ‘It took my breath away.’

It wasn’t only about her appearance for Kelly Anne. It’s also about allowing Anthony to see her on their most important day together. Their planning extended to the location as well.

They made the environment more accessible to Anthony and made it safer for him to navigate. To save him from hitting his head, bubble wrap and flowers were wrapped around tent poles.

Their visitors were even given eye masks. This allowed them to experience the wedding in the same way that Anthony does.

It was a genuinely magical occasion for the pair, particularly for Anthony, who has a unique perspective on life. His wedding day became remarkable thanks to his wife Kelly Anne.

‘What is important is invisible to the naked eye,’ as the Little Prince famously stated. It’s sometimes covered in velvet and lace.

Watch how this woman made it possible for her blind husband to attend their wedding.

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