Amazing bond. Man plays and parrot sings! Video that will make your day brighter

One amazing parrot sings along with her owner as he plays the guitar.

‘She was in the mood to sing!’ Frank talks about his parrot Tico, who is shown in the video flaunting her voice cords.

Frank is playing a hauntingly lovely song on his guitar, and his parrot can’t stop singing along. And the music she performs is extremely nice!

‘Thank you for making these videos, Frank and Tico!’ ‘They bring me so much joy,’ one YouTube user writes after seeing the video.

‘I keep replaying them in my head.’ This is my personal fave. Tico singing a lovely tune while squawking is one of my favorite combinations. ‘I’m tempted to get a parrot because of it.’

What a brilliant guitarist and parrot singer! May they continue to make music together, bringing them joy while also brightening the lives of others.

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