Mom and Son looking for each other for 4 years, without knowing  they are  coworkers who park they cars in the same garage.

For numerous years, a Utah man who was adopted at infancy and his original mother looked for one other, expecting to meet one day.

The man wrote letters, took a DNA test, and even joined an adoption registry in the hopes of finding his long-lost mother.

However, they were unaware that they had worked in the same place, parked their cars in the same lot, and yet had missed each other. When he checked his phone on his 20th birthday, things took a different turn.


Benjamin Hulleberg had always known he was an adopted kid of his parents. Soon after Benjamin’s birth, Angela and Brian Hulleberg took him under their wing.

However, as a child, he was always interested about his birth mother, whom he only knew by her first name, Holly.

They had parked in the same lot and strolled the same floor, but they had no idea they were looking for each other.

Benjamin was born to Holly Shearer when she was 15 years old, and she gave him up for adoption on Thanksgiving Day, roughly 20 years ago.

The Hullebergs continued to send her letters and photos of Benjamin for three years, but then stopped.


Benjamin’s interest concerning his birth mother was always met with enthusiasm by the Hullebergs. They knew he was excited to meet her, but they were also concerned about finding her because her locations were unknown.

Shearer, on the other hand, became increasingly curious after she stopped receiving updates about her kid. When the adoption agency collapsed in 2014, she resolved to locate him and contact him in some way.

After searching for Benjamin’s profile online, the mother came upon his Facebook page thanks to social media.

Shearer was overjoyed to see her son, who was 18 years old at the time. Her concerns, though, drew her back.

Given all that was going on in Benjamin’s life, she kept her emotions in check and opted not to drop a bomb on him. Instead, the mother yearned to meet him and stood back to watch him from afar.


Shearer’s emotions became stronger over time, and Benjamin spent his time on the other end of the line seeking for her.

Benjamin was at work on November 20, 2021, when he received a birthday wish notice on his phone. As he was split between fact and delusion, his world shook beneath his feet. He revealed:

‘I was on my phone during one of our hourly quality checks, and I spotted her message, so I quickly replied… It hit me like a ton of bricks when she contacted me back and truly explained who she was.’

Benjamin had never been so moved before. He sobbed as a flood of happy emotions washed over him since he had been looking forward to this day for so long. Benjamin asked Shearer to meet him right after after dealing with an emotional outburst.


Shearer had been waiting for this moment her entire life, but she was taken aback when it happened so quickly. ‘I wasn’t anticipating that,’ she explained, ‘but he wanted to meet right immediately.’

Benjamin and Shearer planned to meet the next day since they couldn’t wait any longer. The family got together for dinner at Red Robin on November 21, 2021, but Benjamin wasn’t there yet.

He arrived about five minutes later and walked up to Shearer, who was overcome with pleasure. He tapped her on the shoulder, and they sat hugging and crying for five minutes, unable to believe they had just reunited after 20 years apart.


Benjamin was overcome by emotion. “When I saw her, she rose up and gave me a hug, and I cried,” he said exclusively to Good Morning America about the once-in-a-lifetime experience. ‘You’re real like you’re in front of me,’ I said as I glanced at her. It was also surreal.’

The gathering of the family lasted over three hours. During this time, Benjamin and Shearer were shocked to learn that they had spent the previous two years working in the same hospital in Salt Lake City.


Shearer worked as a medical assistant at St. Mark’s Hospital’s Heart Center, while Benjamin volunteered at the neonatal critical care unit.

Shearer would travel by the NICU, where Benjamin worked every day, as fate would have it. They had parked in the same lot and strolled the same floor, but they had no idea they were looking for each other.

Benjamin has made contact with his younger half-siblings since reuniting with his mother. Meanwhile, Shearer expressed her delight at being a part of her son’s life once more.

‘Just knowing that his phone number is in my phone and that I can call or text him at any time… it’s incredible… my heart is full,’ she said.


Benjamin, on the other hand, was overjoyed, and meeting his mother felt like a dream come true for him. He also sent out a message of hope to people who are looking forward to meeting long-lost biological relatives.

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