Five actresses are so similar to they characters that it seems they are playing themselves…

The charisma and charm of some movie heroines are so strong that they are forever impressed by their characters, they just do not leave the memory. Many still see Audrey Toto as Amelie, and Emma Watson will probably be with us forever as Hermione.

We present characters to whom the famous actresses are completely devoted, it is simply impossible to imagine someone else instead of them in those roles.

Audrey Tautou ‘Amelie’

Audrey Toto became widely known in 2001 for her role as Amelie Poole. The romantic story about a lonely waitress has become an international hit.

Film director Jean-Pierre Jones did not make a definite mistake in choosing the lead actor. Audrey Toto got the lead role, և now it is difficult to imagine someone else in that role. Toto managed to brilliantly embody a kind, curious and naive girl.

Despite many other significant projects in the actress’s career, Amelie’s role seems to be her symbol, the role is so impressed in the memory of viewers that when they hear Audrey Toto’s name, they remember Amelie.

Anjeline Jolie ‘Malificent’

Jolie is gorgeous as a kind fairy who gives hope to the inhabitants of her magical world. However, it is no less pleasant in the role of darkness / evil when he takes cruel revenge on those who offend him.

Maleficent can overshadow anyone with his charisma. The same can be said about Jolie, wherever the actress appears, she attracts everyone’s attention.

Jolie has repeatedly ‘confessed love’ to the heroine, calling her her alter ego. ‘When I became a mother, I changed a lot.

The same thing happened with Maleficent. I felt responsible, I wanted to be better. And Maleficent does everything.’

Emma Watson ‘Hermione Granger’

Watson played the role of Hermione for 10 years. In one of the interviews, the actress said that during the filming of Harry Potter, she identified herself with her heroine.

‘I would never have been interested in fashion if I had not played this role for so long, I would not have felt so limited because of Hermione,’ said Emma.

The end of the filming gave the actress an opportunity to do herself: cut her hair, paint her nails, get a tan, dress the way she wants.

Monica Bellucci ‘Malena’

In ‘Malena’ drama, the heroine of Monica Bellucci is the dream of any man, the nightmare of any woman. They admire and envy him. With her beauty and pride, the girl resembles an Italian goddess.

Malena is beautiful on the outside and wise on the inside. Bellucci broke stereotypes, created a deep image of a woman who became a unacceptable of society, tried in every way to preserve her own dignity.

The actress compared herself to Malena, claiming that she had fought for freedom and independence all her life.

The image of Bellucci in the film has few texts. This was a real challenge for the actress. He had to make sure that he could speak body language.

And he proved to himself and the others that acting is the ability to convey meaning to the viewer not only with the help of words.

Lisa Kudrow ‘Phoebe’

The audience loves this heroine so much that Lisa Kudrow is often identified with Phoebe. Despite all the possible coincidences, there was something that the actress initially lacked, which she could never achieve. It was Phoebe’s love of the guitar.

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