The judges are amazed with this young boy’s pure and magical voice…Video of this stunning performance below..

Amanda Holden, Aleesha Dixon, Simon Cowell, and David Walliams had no idea Cormac Thompson, 13, could put on such an incredible show.

The young man lights up the stage with an amazing version of Snow Patrol’s dramatic and anthem-like single ‘Run’ in this teaser clip from Britain’s Got Talent.

Cormac had already released an album on a big label two years before auditioning in front of the judges on the show.

This time, the four judges and the audience got to see the 13-year-old Lancashire choral singer wow all of his listeners with a cover song from his album.

‘Taking part in BGT was a fantastic experience,’ Cormac stated of his audition.

It was terrifying to come out on to the stage and see Simon, Amanda, Alesha, and David, but after a brief conversation, I felt a little better.

‘The audience was fantastic; when they shouted as I began singing, I knew everything would be fine.’

‘I’d like to express my gratitude to Britain’s Got Talent for giving me the opportunity to perform on such a fantastic stage,’ he added.

Simon is beaming, and the other judges appear to be on the verge of crying. That great voice is a fantastic fit for his look since he has such a charming, innocent face that is so pure and lovely.

After singing a song for his nannie Colleen on social media during the epidemic, the young bright-eyed vocalist got signed to Decca Records. Many talented people emerged as a result of the lockdowns!

Cormac attracted the notice of the well-known label. Andrea Bocelli, Dame Shirley Bassey, and Diana Ross are among the artists on its roster.

The 13-year-old beauty’s debut album was recorded at Metropolis Studios. The same studio that has seen the likes of Queen, U2, and Adele perform.

‘I could never have dreamed that his tiny pieces, sung for me, would have led to this fantastic opportunity,’ Cormac’s grandma Colleen told Classic FM of her grandson’s achievement.

‘My husband and I are ecstatic for Cormac, and we hope that his singing will bring us much joy.’ We also hope that it will serve to bring some light into these dark times that we are all experiencing.’

The entire world rejoices that Cormac is receiving the accolades he so richly deserves!
Cormac’s audition was praised by Simon, who said he sang it well while creating his own rendition. That’s coming from someone who’s saw and heard it all, the good and the ugly.

Amanda and Alesha used words like ‘pure,’ “heavenly,’ and ‘angelic” to describe the singer’s voice.

This is a name you should be familiar with, and you should follow and subscribe to this intelligent young man.

This is a gift that should not be wasted. Let the world hear more of Cormac Thompson, the young man! In the video below, you can see this remarkable young man in action.

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