Passenger captured a touching video of a homeless guy celebrating his birthday with the dogs. See what happens after the video goes viral!

Some people might not associate the word ‘home’ with a specific location. They consider their family to be their second home.

Choco and his two dogs were at ease on the steps of a park in Bucaramanga, Colombia, despite the fact that they didn’t live in a house.

And this house was hosting a doggie birthday celebration. Choco was seen singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to his two dogs Shaggy and Nena, who were both wearing birthday hats, by a passerby.

Choco hugged and petted them on their birthdays before pulling out a small cake for them to share.

For the cake, he even lit some candles. He blew out the candles after the song and kissed each of them on their gorgeous doggo faces.

Before they all ate cake, he cut a slice for each dog and then one for himself with a plastic knife. The stranger who had observed Choco started filming the puppy party.

Choco had also dropped a few tears, which he noticed. When the observer approached Choco to see how he was doing, he discovered that he and his dogs were homeless.

Choco had been living on the streets for several years and had become homeless after leaving an unpleasant home situation, he discovered.

Choco then met Shaggy and Nena, two dogs that became his family. Despite the fact that he does not have a house, Choco makes every effort to provide for his dogs.

Passenger shared a video of Choco and his dogs on social media, asking for donations of food, supplies, and money to help Choco get back on his feet.

That video was viewed by almost 440,000 people. People began to come to the park with their dogs to assist Choco.

Choco received a phone as a present and began an Instagram account, which currently has over 187,000 followers.

He’s been selling shirts on the platform and donating a portion of the proceeds to help stop animal suffering.

Choco wants to build an animal refuge and pursue a profession in music in the future.

It’s unclear why homelessness is so stigmatized, given that more than half of Americans (59%) live paycheck to paycheck.

If you don’t have a support structure, one missed payment could lead to you missing rent and being evicted from your house.

When you’re homeless, having a pet can help you survive by offering unconditional affection and thus a source of improved morale, lowering addiction due to the fear of losing your companion, and motivating you to take care of yourself and the pet.

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