Graduates from Kharkov (Ukraine) danced a waltz on the ruins of their native school.. Watch the touching performance

Photos of graduates of the Kharkov school number 134 have already managed to fly around the world network.

Yesterday’s schoolchildren celebrating graduation on the ruins of their native school look sad, and at the same time — encouraging.

Kharkov school number 134 was one of the elite educational institutions in the city. For obvious reasons, in the past few months, children have not been able to attend school, but many teachers taught online and students managed to complete their graduation class.

Many students and their families left the city, so only ten students came to the impromptu graduation — less than a third of the entire class.

Looking at the dancing graduates, the teachers said that they did not imagine the graduation ball of their wards at all.

However, they are glad that the children could at least mark this event in such a way, because one should never lose hope for the best.

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