To save her son, the widow writes his phone number on his hand and encourages him to flee 750 miles all alone.

Over three million people have been forced to evacuate their homeland after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, and have taken shelter in neighboring European countries.

People have been displaced from their homes, numerous lives have been lost, and fear, uncertainty, and instability have been instilled in them as a result of the continuous war.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and the story we’re sharing with you today is genuinely heartwarming and will offer you hope for a better future.


A mother became increasingly disturbed after the Russia-Ukraine war because of the dreadful condition in her village. Julia Pisecka was born in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine, a city on the Dnieper River in the southeast.

Hassan, her 11-year-old son, and her elderly mother shared her home. Pisecka was worried for her lovely baby when the war begun becouse she did not know what could happened.

Pisecka, on the other hand, claimed she couldn’t leave her mother behind because she couldn’t move on her own and required care. She had to make the difficult decision to send her son, Hassan, to a safe place after considerable contemplation.

AN EXTREMELY painful goodbye

Hassan’s  sister added that this wasn’t the first time her younger brother had departed his house during a conflict.

Hassan was placed on a train with a plastic bag, a small red rucksack, his passport, and a number scrawled on his hand, which transported him away from his mother all the way to the border. The 11-year-old child traveled alone to Slovakia, covering 750 miles.

He was greeted by compassionate volunteers who provided him with food, beverages, and warm clothing after he got at the border. Border agents noticed his contact information scribbled on his hand and discovered a handwritten message in his pocket.

They then phoned his relatives in Bratislava, Slovakia’s capital. Hassan was greeted warmly by Slovakian officials, and he rapidly captured the hearts of everyone around him. The Slovakian Interior Ministry wrote on Facebook about the brave little man:

‘With his smile, boldness, and persistence, [the kid] won everyone’s hearts, deserving of a true hero.’

Welcome home kid…

Hassan’s relatives came to take him up, thanks to the customs officers, and he arrived safely with them. Hassan sat with his four older brothers after his dramatic border crossing journey and told Good Morning Britain about his ordeal.

He expressed his joy upon being reunited with his brothers, saying that being separated from them had been difficult for him. Given that he is the youngest of the family, his sister expressed her concern for him. She continued,’

‘I was quite concerned, and… it was unexpected.’ I, too, was taken aback.


When Hassan’s sister was asked what the toughest aspect of his journey was, she interpreted his comments and said: ‘He stated that the train was really crowded. He was alone, and everyone was speaking in a foreign language, and he couldn’t comprehend a word.’

Hassan’s siblings also said that they had told their mother of his safe arrival and that they were concerned for her and their grandmother, who were still in Ukraine.


Hassan and his siblings were finally reunited with their mother and grandmother after what felt like an eternity, and the joyous event was marked by innumerable hugs, kisses, and tears of joy.

Pisecka was relieved to be able to hold her son, whom she had assumed she would never see again. The little dog was overjoyed to be surrounded by his family.

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