See how Kristin Chenoweth adoption story made TV hosts’ cry and get emotional….

Kristin Chenoweth, an actress, singer, and author, has discussed her adoption experience.

This, as well as her appearance on TODAY’s talk show Hoda and Jenna, were not widely known. The Tony and Emmy winner explained how her parents never kept her adoption a secret from her.

Kristin realized how fortunate she was to have her parents. Her father used to say that when they adopted her, they felt like they had won the jackpot – a reference to how good a daughter she was.

Kristin, on the other hand, would shrug it off, claiming that she was the one who won the jackpot with the parents she had.

Then she said how she wasn’t surprised to learn she’d been adopted. Kristin described how her mother explained things to her to the talk show hosts.

‘They always said, ‘The person who had you in her belly couldn’t take care of you the way she wanted to, and she loved you so much,” she told Hoda and Jenna.

‘She gave you opportunity to live, but we get to give you a life,’ my mother explained.

After she stated that, the studio was flooded with emotion.

While it’s not uncommon for parents to never tell their children they’re adopted, the majority of the stories we heard were about how people found the truth and were taken aback.

The room would be filled with warm emotions after hearing Kristin’s story. She also revealed her new storybook, which connected to her story.

‘What Will I Do With My Love Today?’ is a children’s book she wrote. — a story about a young girl who adopts Thunder, a dog.

Kristin also revealed that the novel was inspired by her own dog, Thuderpup. She read a passage from the book that was so moving that it brought the hosts to tears.

They requested if she could read it aloud, and we’re glad she agreed since it’s a lovely section of the book.

‘You see, Thunder, families aren’t all alike. They don’t all look the same, talk the same way, or even have the same name.’

‘You have extra love in your heart, and your home is ready for someone who is lonely.’

Adoption means family, and family is eternal, no matter how life has brought us together. ‘We always had a lot of love in our family, but now we have even more with you Thunder puppy.’

She gained a lot of knowledge from it, and she shared it by adopting Thunderpup, writing about their tale, and reminding us that being adopted is a blessing, not a curse. Kristin also mentioned that she’s ready to adopting a child someday.

Josh Bryant, with whom she has been dating since 2018, recently proposed to her. She had always considered adopting, not just because of her age, but also because she wanted to share the love she had received from her parents with a kid in need.

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