A daughter moves her mom into her garage, and you’ll want to see how she ‘lives’ there… Video below…

There’s no denying that housing costs a lot of money. Whether you’re renting or paying a mortgage, it’ll make a dent in your bank account.

And if you want to achieve financial independence or simply lessen your life’s challenges, you’ll need to find options that work for you and your family without compromising your safety or overall health.

Stacy Lince and her mother, Lee Reich, were spending nearly $4,000 per month on rent alone. They resided in different houses, which significantly raised their costs.

They realized they needed to take action because it was affecting their finances and putting them in a lot of debt in the future.

Family made a decision

They were able to purchase a small home with it. It isn’t large, but it is adequate for them and their requirements.

There was also a detached garage. One of the factors that influenced the family’s decision was the amount of room available.

They reasoned that they could simply transform it into a new house for Stacy’s widowed mother Lee Reich, and so they did.

To get started on the project, they were meant to pay roughly $25,000 at initially. The city council, however, decided to reduce fees due to a tragedy in the neighborhood. The family was able to save thousands of dollars as a result of this.

It wasn’t simple converting the garage into a comfortable home for Stacy’s mother. They had to be especially attentive while creating the arrangement because it was only 380 square feet.

They needed to make certain that her mother had enough room to move around and that she was safe inside. The small house turned out to be quite lovely.

It no longer resembles a storage area. It ended up to be a warm and inviting environment with everything the grandmother requires to live a safe and enjoyable existence.

The property has a living area that can seat up to four people comfortably. It has a two-burner stove, a full-size refrigerator, a large sink, and a microwave oven in the kitchen.

Although it lacks a dishwasher, Lee claims that she does not require one. When Lee moved in, she had to give up a lot of her belongings.

And she has no regrets about it. Her old bed was too enormous for the area she now had, so she had it replaced. She had to get rid of the majority of her books as well.

Despite the fact that she gave up a lot, she also gained a lot. She has a large wardrobe in which she stores all of her clothes and shoes. She also has a decent bathroom that isn’t too small.

Despite their close proximity, the family respects one other’s boundaries. When Lee doesn’t want to listen to the kids outside, she can stay in her house and close her bedroom door.

Stacy’s family, on the other hand, has transformed a portion of their living room into a separate patio.

They still hang out with each other, of course! And they do it in the corridors between their houses. When they have company, it’s a great location where they can have lunch together or have coffee.

Take a closer look at this wonderful granny pad that was previously a garage in the video below!

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