Every day a little boy and his cat come close to the flat window waiting for them to appear…A video below will make you smile…

Sometimes the most basic jobs are the most enjoyable. While some may turn their heads or fail to notice the work of window washer.

Nagi, ten months old, and his black cat Guinness halt everything they’re doing to watch the workers at work right outside their London flat.

The two are charmed with the swishes of the cleaners’ squeegees as they sit in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Nagi giggles as Guinness rushes back and forth, chasing the motion of one cleaner’s hand. When the men spot the two small creautures, they swiftly slide their tools back and forth for the cat to chase, make comical faces at the toddler, and doodle on the window with soap.

Nagi appears to be having a great time in a series of movies shot by the toddler’s mother. It turns out that this is a common occurrence, and Nagi and Guinness both look forward to seeing their mates who emerge out of nowhere.

Nagi’s mother, Rina Takei, announced on Instagram in early 2020 that her husband’s posting in the United Kingdom had ended and that the family will be returning to Tokyo, but not before Nagi and Guinness met the window washers.

‘We started a family when we were in London,’ she explains. Guinness and Pimms (their second cat) came first, followed by Nagi. We’ve had the pleasure of meeting some amazing folks, including the window cleaners.’

Guinness was a little wary about meeting the two men inside the flat, but he trusted them enough to allow them pet him, which was an uncommon occurrence.

‘Normally, tall men are a source of dread for poor Guinness, so he hides a lot,’ Takei explains. ‘A big thank you to our window washing friends!’ What a great method to meet new people.

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