Granny’s 5 advice we didn’t listen, but should have to…’Always give a person exactly three chances.’

We always should listen to our grandparents.They are living long enough in this world and know much more than we!


‘Always give a person exactly three chances. In fact, you give yourself these chances. Do not miss something important, do not spoil your fate, learn something new. But no more!’


‘Never make hasty conclusions, do not make drastic decisions. Sit down. Sit down. Listen to good music, eat delicious food, smile. Maybe by this time, nothing will have to be decided.’


‘You don’t have to be kind. Good is a relative concept, for each his own. Just be objective and fair.’


‘Just sit on the beach and wait. Time is a resource that can solve everything and always.’


‘If you want to send a person far away, don’t just indicate that direction. Set a goal for a person, draw a map for him, give him a magic ball. What if it gets there?’

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