Incredible resemblance.The boy claims to be Elvis’ grandson after his ‘The Voice’ performance! What happens next will surprise you

For the past few years, The Voice has served as a platform for the identification of fresh, promising talent. Things become more intriguing in every season.

One competitor from Queensland captured many viewers’ hearts during a certain season. He also mentioned that he might be the grandchild of Elvis Presley, the one and only King of Rock & Roll.

The judges were blown away by Dakota Striplin’s stunning performance of the legend’s song Love Me Tender as a candidate on The Voice Australia’s 8th season in 2019.

He vulnerable admitted, ‘My dad doesn’t like me talking about this too much because it’s kind of hard for him.

‘When she lived in Hawaii, my granny worked with Elvis at many of his events and other things. My mother used to accompany my father on his own excursions to Hawaii without the other kids.

When Elvis Presley passed away in 1977, the 24-year-old woman remembered that her grandmother ‘lost it’ completely.

She had been binge drinking for weeks, wouldn’t leave her room, and there had been a significant response to hearing of a celebrity’s passing, he continued.

In addition, the aspiring singer revealed that his father had a DNA test performed a few years earlier, and the results revealed that the grandfather his father thought he knew wasn’t his biological father.

He said, ‘The hypothesis is that Elvis is my granddad.’ That sounds really great.

If this is the case, it makes sense why he has the ability to make women (and men!) drool over his beautiful voice.

Rowland nearly instantly pressed her buzzer as Dakota began singing on the broadcast. I need to see this, Goodrem said shortly after doing the same. What is happening here?

When the other two judges realized that the gifted contestant was genuinely playing his guitar, they nearly broke down in tears of regret.

Boy George began to wonder why the performer picked ‘Love Me Tender’ in particular.
I’ve always adored Elvis so much, he said in response.

My dad recently learned that his father wasn’t his biological father, and there is a lot of history with my grandma. He has been a huge inspiration to me since I was a young child.

‘So you might have a connection to Elvis. Boy George exclaimed in disbelief,’ I love that.
The theory is that.

He might be my grandfather, according to the prevailing theory, Dakota said.
Rowland added, ‘I do notice the similarities,’ she said. Dakota was also a winner thanks to the judge, who appointed her as his show’s coach.

He undoubtedly possesses Elvis Presley’s appearance and humor. Because he doesn’t try to imitate Elvis, he would have made Elvis proud. One user wrote, “He performs that song in his own special way.

Another person said, ‘This guy is perfect, regardless of the Elvis connection ideas.’
Despite the conflicting emotions from the audience, one thing is certain:

Whether Dakota is actually the grandson of the late music icon Elvis Presley or not, no one can ever discount the ability this young man possesses. Nobody can take him of it, either.

Watch Dakota’s The Voice audition in the video down below.

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