During the Horseshoe Bend High School’s graduation ceremony one little dog gives Valedictorian ‘speech’ that won’t soon be forgotten. Below video will give you smile

The one The one Valdectorian ‘speech’ that won’t soon be forgotten was delivered by a dog named Charlie who decided he didn’t want to be left out of Horseshoe Bend High School’s graduation ceremony.

During the Alabama high school’s valedictorian addresses, the unwelcome canine guest entered through the fence and into the field to join in the celebration.

He moved over to a fern bush that was on exhibit. When they realized what was about to happen, the students and audience members started giggling. Yes, Charlie would stand up to demarcate his space and leave a lasting impact.

It turns out Charlie is a neighbor and belongs to Logan Branch, one of the graduating classmates. Everyone is aware that Charlie is Branch’s dog, but no one had anticipated Charlie showing up during the wedding, Branch told the Dodo. They certainly didn’t anticipate the dog’s paw print on the fern.

Branch recalled his dog’s actions, saying, ‘We all knew what was about to happen as soon as we saw him walk to the plant so we couldn’t help but all laugh.’

Charlie seems to enjoy all the attention after such a boisterous welcome. He wags his tail, enjoying the attention as the audience laughs and applauds. Branch stated, ‘Charlie absolutely enjoyed it,’ and added, ‘He definitely had the best audience reaction of the night.’

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