During the wedding reception day one of the guests starts choking. See how quick-thinking firefighter groom reacts and saves the day. This video reaches 10 million views on Youtube.

One of Kelly and Cody Campbell’s guests started choking on a piece of steak as they were taking part in toasts at their wedding reception.

The bride and groom’s expressions quickly change from happy smiles to deep concern, and you can feel the worry in their eyes.

It was also unexpected that during their wedding speech, one of the bridesmaids said, ‘If I ever find myself in a situation where I need a firefighter to save me, I hope it’s you, or I hope it’s someone like you.’

Wow, what a foreboding! What are the chances, really? The firefighter groom rushed to his feet as soon as he saw what was happening to save the guest’s life.

I overheard my mother screaming that someone was choking. I then stood up and hurried over there after looking to my right,’ Cody stated.

The guest’s life was saved by Cody, a LA County firefighter, who used his skills to perform the Heimlich technique on her. ‘I suddenly notice one of our relatives in trouble. Cody simply jumps in there without any hesitation,’ said Cody’s wife, Kelly.

‘He never wavered. Cody’s mother said,’ He immediately jumped up and did his job. I felt a lot of pride. Thankfully, the choking guest rapidly recovered, and the wedding festivities continued.

Cody and Kelly never imagined that the groom would have to act quickly to salvage the day on their wedding day, but thank heavens he was! Kelly wed a great guy who was also a hero.

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