This group of dancers mesmerize judges, audience and social-media with this rhythm performance. Video of this incredible dance below

Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Simon Cowell were transfixed by a dance performance by the Mayya dance group as they judged America’s Got Talent.

Since Lebanon isn’t exactly supportive of women dancing, choreographer Nadim Cherfan founded Mayas to offer a “secure and creative space” for gifted female dancers.

The Mayyas formed a single line and created an illusion with their hands and feathers that resembled that of a strutting peacock. With different movements, the spectacular optical illusion persisted.

It’s a dance with Arabic origins that is incredibly exact, extremely detailed, and displays culture, style, and technique all in one. A fellow Lebanon native wrote in the comments,

‘I have to admit that I do have family and relatives from Lebanon. This was outstanding. This was bizarre. What a thing, wow!

Every step of the trip gave me goosebumps and raised the hair on my arms. It resembled a dream or a mirage. There are many attractive aspects of Arabic culture.

The choreographer and all the women who performed today did a fantastic job. I’m pulling for you to win the gold.’ Talk about excellence.

Their performance was praised as ‘excellent’ by Howie Mandel. Heidi praised it as ‘beautiful,’ and Simon stated, ‘We’re pleased to have you here. It was possibly the best dance act we’ve ever seen.’

Sofia Vergara’s time came next.

‘Words can’t express to you how we were feeling over here. I’ve never seen dancing as exquisite or as original as that! … And because you deserve it and I want to be a part of this, I would be so pleased to give you even more power on this trip!’

The Colombian judge then presses the golden buzzer, dousing Mayya in gold dust that falls from the ceiling. Mayya demonstrated to the world that they are deserving of all future attention. In the future, be on the lookout for this dance group!

Watch their amazing dance below!

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